he day had arrived to return back home from a trip overseas. My hotel room was unusually dark for the time of morning. I drew open the curtains to reveal a blizzard swirling beneath a grey expanse.

I walked outside and looked up. The air, while saturated with snow, was clear. As I looked up, my focus climbed through several stories of snowflakes descending upon southern Japan. The light above was easy on the eyes.



very fighter pilot must learn how to conduct low altitude bombing runs. This mission requires mastery of several skill sets.

You must fly at high airspeeds at low altitudes. You must dynamically maneuver around terrain and quickly respond to surface-to-air threats. And you must be able to acquire the correct target and make a valid weapons delivery. Press…



ave you ever felt like asking a Christian, “What are you so happy about?” Those who don’t share the same faith sometimes find Christians annoying.

This is understandable.

The Christian caricature has his head in the clouds. He is too heavenly minded to be any earthly good. He smiles and sings, seemingly oblivious to the suffering around him.



ersonal drones are arriving by the squadron, and we love them. You’ve seen the videos—a proud pilot with an exuberant smile looks into the camera before commanding his creation to take flight.

The flying machine lifts off, camera pointed at its master, revealing a panoramic view. Cliffs, the ocean, a neighbors house; it all creeps into view by the eye in the sky.

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dragging a body through the street

The following is an excerpt from my book in-work titled One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview. Click here if you would like to receive updates about this project and receive future briefs from FIGHTER FAITH. 

My wingman approached from behind and maneuvered his jet for the join-up.  A quick glance under the goggles toward my 5 o’clock position revealed a flashing strobe light.  He’s right where he should be.  We completed our en route checklists and tested our flares.  It was a quick flight to Ramadi—one of the main areas we supported in Al Anbar province over Iraq.


film composer pitch shift

I don’t always spend my evenings in Los Angeles. But when I do, I’m hanging out with Hollywood film composers in pimped out recording studios. Stay thirsty for brilliance, my friends.

Admittedly, I am not the most interesting man alive, and I’m not promoting booze. But I did spend an evening with concert and film composer Jacob Yoffee in his Burbank recording studio.


veterans day

What is it like to be a veteran? Ask my grandfather.

He’ll tell you the veteran is a young man preparing for war. It’s training to be a turret gunner in a TBM-1 torpedo bomber. It’s living in a ship and steaming across the world without knowing your mission. It’s bonding with your crew and then honoring your pilot by giving your children his name. It’s keeping a diary for your grandchildren to read 60 years later. It’s training for years and years to fly a single combat mission over the Philippines only to have your gun jam. It’s feeling an inexpressible relief when the war ends. Press…

gravity of gods g

9 G profile during centrifuge training

Fighter pilots are always considering the gravity of God. During basic fighter maneuvering (BFM), fighter pilots learn how to fight against enemy aircraft in close air-to-air combat. After coming to a merge with over 1,000 knots of closure, each pilot must make decisions about how to fly the aircraft to arrive at a position of advantage. Press…

“Oh, God…” It’s what recruits say after their first step off the bus and onto the yellow footprints. It’s what the team says when they hear the codeword and the mission is a “go.” It’s the opening of a prayer and the beginning of praise. It’s a formal address to those who believe in a Father in heaven who delights in the fellowship of man.

But it’s also what we say after a terrifying realization–a career ending mistake, a life threatening act. In these moments, the lungs become vacant and normal human desires–hunger, thirst, and rest–are replaced by a single, overpowering need: for things to be made right again. Press…