“Oh, God…” It’s what recruits say after their first step off the bus and onto the yellow footprints. It’s what the team says when they hear the codeword and the mission is a “go.” It’s the opening of a prayer and the beginning of praise. It’s a formal address to those who believe in a Father in heaven who delights in the fellowship of man.

But it’s also what we say after a terrifying realization–a career ending mistake, a life threatening act. In these moments, the lungs become vacant and normal human desires–hunger, thirst, and rest–are replaced by a single, overpowering need: for things to be made right again. Press…

you really believe that

Below is an excerpt from a book I’m working on about my struggle with doubt during the search for truth and a reasonable defense of the Christian faith. One single question changed the course of my life, and all for the better. 

“What do you think happens when we die?” Karry asked.

It was 10 years since our first kiss on the seawall in Iwakuni, and we would celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary in June. This was one of our first serious conversations about death. When she asked this question one night in our one-bedroom condo, I was politely dismissive.

“I don’t know. Nothing? Blackness?”

I don’t remember what magazine I put aside to ponder her question. It may have been a copy of Scientific American. I liked the precision and discovery of science—the rationality of it all. It may have been a study guide for my upcoming carrier qualification. Something was different that night. Her approach combining concern and patience was by the Book.

“You really believe that?” she gently responded.

Her eyes longed for a husband who would take her Christian faith seriously. I sensed disappointment—even a bit of pity—as she shifted back onto her pillow. She was raised in a Christian family, but I didn’t grow up going to church. With those four words, she made me feel something unusual. It was a feeling she would never intentionally arouse but resulted from my unpreparedness to answer her simple question. I felt…stupid. Press…

e-book far better men

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I am excited to inform you of the release of my new e-book Far Better Men. Men today are struggling.  We want to be better men, but it’s not always easy. How do we become the men we are supposed to be?

I answer this question with help from legendary Marine Corps Commandant and Major General General John A. Lejeune who wrote about the proper relations between officers and men in 1920:

e-book far better men“These men are in the formative period of their lives and officers owe it to them, to their parents, and to the Nation, that when discharged from the service they should be far better men physically, mentally, and morally than they were when they enlisted.

Based on this excerpt from an old Marine Corps order, this short book provides four crucial requirements for men to grow and fulfill their obligations as leaders, husbands, and fathers. If you want to know how to be a man, what better guidance can you receive than from a legendary leader of Marines?

But Far Better Men is not just for men. While the illustrations are addressed to men, the principles apply to women as well. General Lejeune is taking about more than being a better man; he’s talking about being a better person. Press…

new age

Spiritual seekers never imagine they are embracing darkness while chasing the light of the New Age movement. The seeds of New Age thought, carried from Russia to America by trickster Madame Helena P. Blavatsky in the late 19th century, blossomed in the ’70s, grew out of control in the ’90s, and continues to permeate Western culture today.

For many Americans, the month of October conjures images of falling leaves, pumpkin patches, and hoards of trick-or-treaters. Many celebrate Halloween as nothing more than a tradition of costume and candy, but it is worth considering if there is anything behind the forces mocked on All Hallows’ Eve.

A more detailed discussion on whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween can be found here.

Halloween is a time when the occult is thrust into the spotlight of mainstream America. In Kingdom of the Occult, Walter Martin provides a few facts about the occult: Press…

chesty puller

For Marines, the Crucible is both a test and a way of life. This test of courage and strength begins at basic training, extends into combat, and often continues after their service is complete. This ballad describes one small part of the Crucible and is dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces who have strengthened the bonds of brotherhood through suffering at the Bachelor Officers Quarters (BOQ) at Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma. 

Well they’re sendin’ me down to Yuma
They gonna train me up for war
I ain’t sure what to bring to that Jarhead base
I ain’t never been before

So I called on down to the housin’ place to find out
Where I’d lay my head
And a sweet little thing named Betty picked up
And a this is what she said Press…

The one remarkable thing about fighter jets has nothing to do with its capabilities. For the most part, fighter jets are unremarkable.

Fighter jets go incredibly fast and fly extremely high. They fly at supersonic airspeeds in three dimensions while detecting, tracking, and guiding weapons toward other aircraft miles away. They withstand G forces several times the force of gravity while maneuvering via digital control systems and redundant flight control computers. But that is not what’s remarkable about a fighter jets. Press…

willing to believe

When I was child, my father found a clever way to make me comb my hair. He told me that if I didn’t, it would turn green.

I believed him.

I worried about my hair, wondering if my furious combing was keeping the green strands at bay. Eventually, I questioned my belief in neglect-based hair coloration. It turns out the claim was false.

I was willing to believe in green hair because I failed to consider whether or not the claim was true. My misguided belief was caused by my father’s humorous method to handle my stubbornness, and in the end it cost me very little. A child’s willingness to believe their parents is a virtue, and the parent’s job is to keep the child safe and teach them what is true. Press…

cannot be unseen

Some things cannot be unseen. Some of the best advice you can receive about the internet is not to click. This is especially wise when faced with the lure of sensational videos surrounding tragic events.

  • Warning! Graphic video

We are curious beings, and it’s tempting to click and see.

But some things cannot be unseen.

That Which Cannot Be Unseen

  • This media contains disturbing images

Read the article. Formulate a passionate response. Take action. But before you click and watch, ask yourself whether you really want to share a moment of barbarism with the figure on the film.

I have clicked before, and I have seen. And I wish I could un-see. Press…

honor clean

Photo by LCpl Dan Hoasck

First to fight for rights and freedom / And to keep our honor clean…

These two phrases precede the final line of one of America’s most cherished anthems: the Marine Corps Hymn. Marines have earned their title, and they are proud to claim it.

Winning Our Nation’s Battles

Young men and women in the prime of their lives raise their hands to swear an oath of allegiance to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Marines are officers and gentlemen. They are the nation’s finest. They are the few, and the proud. They strive daily to uphold the Marine Corps values of honor, courage, and commitment, so help them God.

But it’s not easy staying clean in a dirty world. The uniforms are clean, but the mind is sometimes mired in Quigley-esque mud while ducking obstacles and avoiding snags on the obstacle course of life. Press…

growing in exit strategy

If we have learned anything about entering a conflict in the Middle East, it is the importance of having a sound exit strategy. But exit strategies have broad application and should not be confined to military studies. Planning an exit strategy is an important life skill.

Everyone understands what it means to grow up. From birth to adulthood, you are in a state of transition. Every part of your body grows. We see the physical changes, and we recognize developmental progress via language and behavior.

But eventually you stop growing up.

This is where you begin growing in. Press…