dragging a body through the street

The following is an excerpt from my book in-work titled One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview. Click here if you would like to receive updates about this project and receive future briefs from FIGHTER FAITH. 

My wingman approached from behind and maneuvered his jet for the join-up.  A quick glance under the goggles toward my 5 o’clock position revealed a flashing strobe light.  He’s right where he should be.  We completed our en route checklists and tested our flares.  It was a quick flight to Ramadi—one of the main areas we supported in Al Anbar province over Iraq. Press…

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book cover design

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I’m excited to let you know about a project I’ve been working on. It’s a book I currently have titled One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview. It’s the story of my journey from confused teenager to impassioned follower of Christ.

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film composer pitch shift

I don’t always spend my evenings in Los Angeles. But when I do, I’m hanging out with Hollywood film composers in pimped out recording studios. Stay thirsty for brilliance, my friends.

Admittedly, I am not the most interesting man alive, and I’m not promoting booze. But I did spend an evening with concert and film composer Jacob Yoffee in his Burbank recording studio.


veterans day

What is it like to be a veteran? Ask my grandfather.

He’ll tell you the veteran is a young man preparing for war. It’s training to be a turret gunner in a TBM-1 torpedo bomber. It’s living in a ship and steaming across the world without knowing your mission. It’s bonding with your crew and then honoring your pilot by giving your children his name. It’s keeping a diary for your grandchildren to read 60 years later. It’s training for years and years to fly a single combat mission over the Philippines only to have your gun jam. It’s feeling an inexpressible relief when the war ends. Press…

gravity of gods g

9 G profile during centrifuge training

Fighter pilots are always considering the gravity of God. During basic fighter maneuvering (BFM), fighter pilots learn how to fight against enemy aircraft in close air-to-air combat. After coming to a merge with over 1,000 knots of closure, each pilot must make decisions about how to fly the aircraft to arrive at a position of advantage. Press…

“Oh, God…” It’s what recruits say after their first step off the bus and onto the yellow footprints. It’s what the team says when they hear the codeword and the mission is a “go.” It’s the opening of a prayer and the beginning of praise. It’s a formal address to those who believe in a Father in heaven who delights in the fellowship of man.

But it’s also what we say after a terrifying realization–a career ending mistake, a life threatening act. In these moments, the lungs become vacant and normal human desires–hunger, thirst, and rest–are replaced by a single, overpowering need: for things to be made right again. Press…

you really believe that

Below is an excerpt from a book I’m working on about my struggle with doubt during the search for truth and a reasonable defense of the Christian faith. One single question changed the course of my life, and all for the better. 

“What do you think happens when we die?” Karry asked.

It was 10 years since our first kiss on the seawall in Iwakuni, and we would celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary in June. This was one of our first serious conversations about death. When she asked this question one night in our one-bedroom condo, I was politely dismissive.

“I don’t know. Nothing? Blackness?”

I don’t remember what magazine I put aside to ponder her question. It may have been a copy of Scientific American. I liked the precision and discovery of science—the rationality of it all. It may have been a study guide for my upcoming carrier qualification. Something was different that night. Her approach combining concern and patience was by the Book.

“You really believe that?” she gently responded.

Her eyes longed for a husband who would take her Christian faith seriously. I sensed disappointment—even a bit of pity—as she shifted back onto her pillow. She was raised in a Christian family, but I didn’t grow up going to church. With those four words, she made me feel something unusual. It was a feeling she would never intentionally arouse but resulted from my unpreparedness to answer her simple question. I felt…stupid. Press…

e-book far better men

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I am excited to inform you of the release of my new e-book Far Better Men. Men today are struggling.  We want to be better men, but it’s not always easy. How do we become the men we are supposed to be?

I answer this question with help from legendary Marine Corps Commandant and Major General General John A. Lejeune who wrote about the proper relations between officers and men in 1920:

e-book far better men“These men are in the formative period of their lives and officers owe it to them, to their parents, and to the Nation, that when discharged from the service they should be far better men physically, mentally, and morally than they were when they enlisted.

Based on this excerpt from an old Marine Corps order, this short book provides four crucial requirements for men to grow and fulfill their obligations as leaders, husbands, and fathers. If you want to know how to be a man, what better guidance can you receive than from a legendary leader of Marines?

But Far Better Men is not just for men. While the illustrations are addressed to men, the principles apply to women as well. General Lejeune is taking about more than being a better man; he’s talking about being a better person. Press…

new age

Spiritual seekers never imagine they are embracing darkness while chasing the light of the New Age movement. The seeds of New Age thought, carried from Russia to America by trickster Madame Helena P. Blavatsky in the late 19th century, blossomed in the ’70s, grew out of control in the ’90s, and continues to permeate Western culture today.

For many Americans, the month of October conjures images of falling leaves, pumpkin patches, and hoards of trick-or-treaters. Many celebrate Halloween as nothing more than a tradition of costume and candy, but it is worth considering if there is anything behind the forces mocked on All Hallows’ Eve.

A more detailed discussion on whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween can be found here.

Halloween is a time when the occult is thrust into the spotlight of mainstream America. In Kingdom of the Occult, Walter Martin provides a few facts about the occult: Press…