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War of the Words: Making Sense of the News

There is a heavy cloud of smoke on the battlefield.  The War of the Words between worldwide leaders in news has made it hard to form a fair and balanced opinion about current issues. In the battle of ideas, words are the weapons of choice. (Click here to Tweet that!) Some writers are unapologetic about their selection […]

Memorial Day: Honoring the Fallen; Reflecting on Evil

How do you explain the presence of evil in the world? Memorial Day marks the moment when we honor our nation’s fallen heroes.  Their bravery and sacrifice comes from a response to evil men and natural disasters.   Lately, the flag flies at half-mast more often for new tragedies than for old ones.  At least, […]

Lying, Withholding Information; What’s the Difference?

withholding information same as lying

“You withheld information; that’s the same as lying!” This forceful accusation was delivered by Julia Roberts’ character to another in the 1990 American thriller Flatliners. There has been a rash of cultural issues arising from the withholding of information. Is it true?  Is withholding information the same as lying?  First let’s look at acts of commission […]

Sexual Assault Weapons Ban: Yes or No?

How can we put an end to sexual assault?  A rise in high profile sexual assault cases has put national leaders into a state of crisis response. When a man or woman chooses a profession, they should be concerned about building experience, strengthening character, and developing a good reputation. They should not have to worry […]

Drowning: Lifeguard Wanted, Will Pay with Belief

Many of us are drowning and do not see the need for a lifeguard.  Before I explain further, I’m going to reference a horrific event. It’s natural to be nauseated after hearing about the horrors uncovered by the Gosnell trial. You will not find the details of the trial here.  If you are interested, Google […]

A Mother’s Valor: of Strength and Sacrifice

mothers day

Valor is “great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.”¹  I can think of no bigger struggle fraught with more danger than the battle of Matern-ageddon.  Before I render my tribute to mothers, let’s quickly revisit another famous battle. In the first century, Sparta was known for its elite class of fighting warriors.  […]

Bingo on the Ball: Are You About to Bolter?

Are you tired of looking at life through wet glass? I was. How can we teach our children about a world we don’t understand?   I ended up bingo on the ball while seeking answers to life’s biggest questions and pursuing the perfect pass at the boat: an OK 3-wire.  Don’t worry: I’ll explain. I cruised […]

The Plan C Pill: Be Fruitful and Multiply

Does a popular brand of emergency contraception pill actually cause an abortion?  That depends on your worldview.  Birth control is in the news again.  So is abortion.  What the news fails to report is the depth of controversy surrounding these two related issues. After last week, 15-year-old girls will be allowed to bike down to […]

In the Beginning was the Worldview

In the beginning was the worldview.  Writer and philosopher G.K. Chesterton said, “In truth, there are only two kinds of people; those who accept dogma and know it, and those who accept dogma and don’t know it.” Similarly: There are only people who have a worldview and know it, and those who have a worldview […]