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Sexual Assault Weapons Ban: Yes or No?

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How can we put an end to sexual assault?  A rise in high profile sexual assault cases has put national leaders into a state of crisis response.

When a man or woman chooses a profession, they should be concerned about building experience, strengthening character, and developing a good reputation. They should not have to worry about being sexually assaulted.

But people are being assaulted with the most dangerous weapon on the street: the human mind.  Criminals are using their minds to commit horrible atrocities.

Lawmakers are taking action to hold criminals more accountable and deliver harsher punishments.


This is a step in the right direction.  Strengthening punishments is good, but we must also focus on what’s causing the problem: body parts.

I’ll use hands to illustrate my point (literally and figuratively).

Hands are getting criminals in trouble.  Hands are making inappropriate physical contact with other people.  Hands are entering our country from all directions.  We can’t seem to keep control of all the hands in the world.

Therefore, we should enact measures to reduce the number of hands in the population and restrict the features of hands already attached to human beings.

We can look at things like:

  • Cosmetic features.  Nail polish might send the wrong message and look attractive to criminals; we can ban hands with nail polish.
  • Functionality.  Hands with unusually fast reflexes could be capable of a high rate of groping; we can ban fast hands.
  • Muscular endurance.  Hands with high stamina can commit intense assaults with each squeeze of the fist; we can ban strong hands.
  • Personal preferences.  Hands which are excessively hairy or wart-covered can be frightening; we can ban nasty looking hands.

Wait.  What did you say?  Criminals have feet, too?

Oh well.  Back to the drawing board.  For a moment I forgot:

  • The most dangerous weapons in the world is not the human hand, but the human mind which controls it.

Every outbreak of sexual immorality must be contained.  Sexual assault is only the symptom of a disease, and it is the mind that needs medicine.

What would you prescribe?

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  1. Very good post! A clever way to show that the sexual assault issue doesn’t start with physicality, but with one’s controller, the brain.

    1. There are some very emotionally charged issues in the news. We must make more than an emotional response. Thanks for the feedback! -Jason