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Just War Theory and Evangelism Part 2: Jus in Bello

  This week we continue our 5-part series on just war theory and evangelism by looking at jus in bello, or the “rightness of the conduct of war.” Have you ever felt like a failure after sharing your faith?  Have you felt like you were barking up the wrong tree or going down the wrong path? There […]

Just War Theory and Evangelism Part 1: Jus ad Bellum

This post introduces the concept of jus ad bellum, or “the rightness in going to war,” and marks the beginning of a 5-part series which relates components of just war theory to the field of evangelism. A common theme on this blog will be the juxtaposition of physical and spiritual warfare.  Just war theory is studied by politicians, […]

Organic Evangelism: Nutritional Intolerance as Evidence for God

A recent article about healthy foods made me think about the Organic Crusades.  Any student of history knows the Organic Crusades were a response to violent muslin expansion of waistbands throughout Europe and later, the Americas. They’re not on the corner holding signs.  They’re not passing out tracts on Halloween night.  They probably don’t have a radio […]

Focus Your Reach and Grasp What’s Important

This morning the reach of a tiny hand made me think about the meaning of life.  I was getting ready for work.  My 9-month-old sat on the bathroom tile, just staring at me. Chubby legs poked out of his Mossy Oak onesy, and a single tooth poked through his big smile. He sat and watched. […]

Justice: Common Ground in a Divided Land

The verdict finally came: not guilty Justice prevailed.  Or did it? Your view will depend on your worldview. No one can deny the tragedy in the Martin/Zimmerman case.  I will mourn for the Martin family and their loss.  I will mourn for the Zimmerman family whose lives have been changed forever.  The intentions of Zimmerman and […]

Smiley Face Courage: How Emoticons Wash Away Our Guilt

smiley face

I did not receive smiley faces from one blog moderator after leaving a comment for another forum participant.  I violated a cardinal sin of professional forum etiquette: I made a snarky comment. I asked a valid question and thought I was being clever.  But it didn’t matter.  It could easily be taken as insulting, and […]

Love: An Amusing Illusion or God’s Greatest Gift

What is love?  Here are two possibilities: chemical reactions in your brain perceived as feelings of loyalty toward a single co-parent for the purpose of rearing a child together, at least until it’s weaned the ultimate good, a reflection of the image of God upon humanity Arguments often arise by using the same words to […]

Caution: I Have a Sword and I Don’t Know How to Use It

The pen is mightier than the sword.  Unless that sword is the Word of God.  When used properly, God’s word is the most powerful force on earth. But when used recklessly, it can deafen listeners to the ultimate message of God’s love. Disclaimer: I have fallen into all the pitfalls described in this post.  If […]

America is Beautiful: Is it Still Okay to Love Her?

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!  God bless America! This week I am guest posting on the website of writer, photographer, architect emeritus, and Army Special Forces Veteran, Mr. Samuel Hall. Samuel Hall has been writing for thirty years and is on the board of Oregon Christian Writers.  His website, www.samhallwriter.com, features his weekly blogs and photography. […]