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News Flash: No More Monsters, Water Saves

A long time ago I ran into a monster. As I browsed the isles of a giant electronics store, a young man hovering close to my location suddenly approached. “Hey, man.  How’s it going?” he asked. “Good,” I replied. “Hey, do you like energy drinks?” he probed. At that point I had tasted a few, […]

Fighter Pilot: Fighting for Rights and Freedom

One fighter pilot is fighting to stay true to his faith.  Jonathan C. Dowty is an F-16 pilot and author of Christian Fighter Pilot is Not An Oxymoron and runs the website Christianfighterpilot.com. While his book focuses more on fighter pilot subculture, this post will address being a Christian fighter pilot in the broader cultural […]

Keurig: Brewing Up More Than the Perfect Cup

Keurig. If you know what I’m talking about, you’re already a true believer. But there’s something about a Keurig you probably don’t know, and I feel obligated to share my revelation. Let me clarify for the uninitiated. Keurig is a brand of coffee maker optimized for quickly brewing single cups of hot or cold beverages. […]

There is a Time for Everything: Don’t Be Late!

“15 minutes early is on time.  On time is late.  Late is dead.” These were there words staring down at me from above the chalk board in my junior high school music classroom.  I’m pretty sure there was a skull and crossbones next to the world “dead.” I never thought it made sense–taken literally and […]

Choose Life: Defending Our Most Precious and Vulnerable Gifts

(To the tune of “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To” by Lesley Gore) Nobody knows where my boyfriend has gone My friends all left the same time Why were they scowling at me When they’re supposed to be kind?   It’s my body, and I’ll choose if I want to Choose if I […]

9/11: Remembering the Consequence of a Ruthless Worldview

Every American remembers where they were on 9/11 in 2001. On 9/11, an old religious worldview had a new effect on their lives. America was not pleased to meet radical Islamic terrorism.  On 9/11 I was sitting in my barracks room at The Basic School getting ready to begin the 6-months of training to become […]

Forfeit: When Life Coaches Choose Death

A man and his common law wife were found dead in their apartment.  They committed suicide together. They held hands as they breathed their last breaths. The building manager discovered them shortly after they ended their lives.  Their occupation?  Life coaches.  This couple’s pursuit of happiness somehow ended in self-destruction. Something must go terribly wrong […]

Syria On-line: A Glimpse of a Defiant Worldview

“We were born to fight and resist.” This Facebook comment reportedly written by the son of Syrian Presdient Bashar al-Assad gives us a glimpse of a defiant worldview. It also supplies an answer to one of the great questions in life: Why are we here?  How you answer this question affects how you live your […]