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News Flash: No More Monsters, Water Saves


A long time ago I ran into a monster.

As I browsed the isles of a giant electronics store, a young man hovering close to my location suddenly approached.

“Hey, man.  How’s it going?” he asked.

“Good,” I replied.

“Hey, do you like energy drinks?” he probed.

At that point I had tasted a few, but not enough to develop any sort of passion or dependence on the acid flavored jitter-juice.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I’m with a company called Monster, and we’re looking for guys like you who might be interested in making some extra cash.”

He gave me a Monster and told me about some arrangement where I help market their product to make some cash.  I politely declined.

I don’t know about energy drinks.  And with a name like “Monster” it will never take off.

Fast forward a decade and energy drinks are booming.  monster

The extremely tasty and highly unregulated supplements come in a variety of flavors and themes.

Aviators must refrain from taking certain kinds of over-the-counter drugs and supplements.  For a while, the lack of information about energy drinks kept their status in quasi-limbo.

After all, who really knows what is in those drinks?

Pilots operate at high and low altitudes and can experience rapid changes in cabin pressure on a routine basis.  Chemicals and drugs affect the circulatory system making pilots less able to handle the rigors of a dynamic flight environment.

But Monsters taste good.  Monsters give you energy.

Though I’ve enjoyed a Monster from time to time, I never drank them before a flight.  Instead, I chose to fill my body with the best possible fluid available:


Hydration is crucial to keep the body functioning at the levels required in a high stress, high G environment.

Water is natural.  Water is pure.

My body was designed to both crave, and thrive on water.  The best possible choice is to give my body what it was designed to crave.

For a time, the prospect of filling my body with Monster was still somewhat of an option.  Monster retained some authority to saturate my body with its chemicals.

Today, my Monster has been defeated.  

It is no longer allowed.  The lure of Monster has no more power over me.  It has been crushed by an official prohibition.

Our spiritual needs are similar to our physical needs.  The spirit was designed for a purpose: to seek God.

Once upon a time, sin held humans captive by its powerful draw.  The guilt of having missed the mark created a perpetual cycle of weakness, regret, and recovery.  We languished in a state of spiritual death, doing and thinking, but never really living.

Today, sin has been defeated.

Sin is no longer authorized to saturate your body with lies.  Sin has no power over you save what you allow it to command. It has been crushed by the atoning death of Jesus Christ.

The future is written.  Evil is defeated.

We tend to think of time from only our own perspective: in the present.  But before the creation of space and time, there was no time.

(For awesome articles about the nature of time by William Lane Craig, click HERE)

monsterThat means there is a beginning, and there is an end to time.  We just can’t see them from our vantage point.

But God can, and his Word is good.

Jesus told the woman at the well about “living water,” of which anyone who drinks will thirst no more.

Anyone who cares about their body refuses to fill it with junk.  How much more important is your spirit?

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What are you filling it with?

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