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The Croods: Before There Was Fire, Living in a World of Darkness

If you have children, there’s a good chance you’ve seen The Croods.  The Croods follows a prehistoric family who live in a world of darkness and fear.  During the course of the movie, the Croods “. . . embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always been their home is […]

Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks For All Who Serve

This Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for.  As a member of the armed forces, I often receive thanks from strangers.  I am grateful for the encouragement, but I wonder: What about all the others who serve? Nurses Homeschoolers Teachers Mothers Fathers Adoptive Parents Church servants Social Workers Law Enforcement Firefighters Public Servants […]

Accidental Pluralist: Counterinsurgency and Unintended Consequences

After reading about an idea called “the accidental guerrilla syndrome” while studying about counterinsurgencies, I realized similar conditions might be contributing to the relentless wave of secular philosophy. The concept made me think about why pluralism, moral relativism, and secularism have become so popular in the last 50 years. (ARTICLE: “Defending Christianity in a Secular […]

Outside the Box: Burgers, Babes, and Obesity

I was recently thinking about deception and empty promises.  In the process, I may have discovered the secret to losing weight and feeling great.  This post connects burgers, babes, and obesity.  How can we eliminate body image issues and burger benders?  Here is one outside-the-box solution: Advertising reform I made this amazing discovery while selecting […]

Cultural Captives: Beliefs, Behavior, and the Future of America

Establishing a coherent and sufficient worldview leads to many questions about life, the world, and yourself. When Jesus spoke with the woman at the well in Samaria, she went back and told the townspeople, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did.” After reading Stephen Cable’s book Cultural Captives: The Beliefs and Behavior […]

The Secret to Success: Improve Your Life in Five Words

Want to save thousands of dollars in therapy and marriage counseling? I may have stumbled onto the secret to success for maintaining a strong relationship.  It’s nothing new.  Malcolm Muggeridge said: “All new news is old news happening to new people.” (Click here to Tweet that!) At one point it was new to me, and […]

Veterans Day Viral Video Analogy: The Stylist and the Savior

Watch this video. Then imagine what can happen on the inside when we find our home in Christ. (Click here to Tweet that!)

Veterans Day: Thanking Military Veterans and Kingdom Veterans

Soon America will celebrate Veterans Day.  Millions of Americans will graciously give thanks to our military veterans at home and abroad.  Of all the professions to choose from, they chose to serve. But they’re not the only ones who serve.  They’re not the only ones at war. This Veterans Day, another side of life is […]

While He’s Away: A Poem About Being Gone

while he's away deployment

– While I’m away The mission’s first We’ll put our best against their worst But victory will fail to quench my thirst While I’m away  – While I’m away The silence settles in The mood is calm, the air is thin My kingdom for one morn’ of childrens’ din While I’m away  – While I’m […]

A History of Thanksgiving in the New Testament

Thanksgiving is upon us.  It is a time to understand the history of Thanksgiving and express our gratitude for all we have been given. It’s a time to be thankful not only for things, but for circumstances. This post will look at the history of thanksgiving in the Pauline Epistles.  We are far removed from […]