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Outside the Box: Burgers, Babes, and Obesity

secret to weight loss and self-confidence

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I was recently thinking about deception and empty promises.  In the process, I may have discovered the secret to losing weight and feeling great.  This post connects burgers, babes, and obesity.  How can we eliminate body image issues and burger benders?  Here is one outside-the-box solution:

  • Advertising reform

I made this amazing discovery while selecting pictures for a post dealing with food items.  I discovered a correlation between two growing problems in America: body image and obesity.

Both issues are well-known, but few people realize a key issue contributing to body image issues may also be the key to solving America’s obesity epidemic.

outside the box burgers babes obesityThe Fantasy

Everyone knows magazine companies use digital airbrush techniques to shed pounds, slim waistlines, and remove blemishes from hunks and babes.  With a few mouse clicks, imperfect models appear perfect.  What is the message?

  • You could look like this!

You want to look at the pictures.  It makes you feel good.  Then it makes you insecure.  Then it outside the box burgers babes obesitymakes you feel bad.  Unfortunately, the photos were not an accurate representation of the person.

  • They were based on false advertising.

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People drive themselves into therapy trying to attain impossible standards of beauty.

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The fast food industry also plays fast and loose with advertising.

I made this connection while trying to find appetizing pictures of junk food on the internet.  I know they exist because they stare me in the face on fast food joint windows, menus, and billboards.

Every burger looks juicy, savory, perfectly cooked and swollen with flavor.  Precision-sliced cheese adorns concentric onion rings, zesty green pickles, and crispy fat-marbled bacon.  The buns are fluffy, the sesame seeds are plentiful, and the symmetry is sublime.  What is the message?

  • Eat this and you will feel good.

I enjoy a double-cheeseburger as much as the next guy, but when I searched the internet for public domain photos—photos from real people about real burgers—I had a very different experience.

Each picture made me feel sick.  Nasty, grease-soaked buns slid down nasty-looking meat.  Unattractive cheese dripped off the plate to join a pile of browning shredded lettuce and not-so-perfect onion slices.

The meat wasn’t sweating with flavor, it was crying for help.

The buns looked smashed and old.  And symmetry?  Forget it.  Then I remembered what burgers actually look like when you unwrap them.  Usually it is nothing like the pictures.

We look at the pictures.  We get hungry.  We eat the junk and feel happy.  Then we feel sick and gain weight.  The photos were not an accurate representation of the feeling.

  • They were based on false advertising.

What makes some people insecure may be making other people obese.

burgers babes obesity outside the box

Where’s all that extra stuff?

The Reality

Some celebrities pose without makeup or post production editing:

  • The reality

Many burgers are recently thawed, thrown together, and designed to addict:

  • The reality
burgers babes obesity outside the box

Uh. . . Is this what I ordered?

But magazines and fast food burger joints know what you want.  The know how you work.  They know how to tap into the reward circuitry of your brain.

They show you what you want to see.

If fast food restaurants were required to advertise realistic-looking photos of their food products, maybe we wouldn’t be so enticed to wolf down that 800 calorie Western-Barbecue Deluxe Double-Ground Pounder.

Empty promises.  Empty calories.

burgers babes obesity outside the box

I’m not hungry anymore

One More Warning

The salvation someone’s selling you may be as empty as those burgers and airbrush cans.

Jesus Christ:

  • The Reality

“I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty” (NIV John 6:35).

Are you still hungry?

burgers babes obesity outside the box

Did you order a mutton-burger?

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