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Why Jesus? (Part 2) Ravi Zacharias Gives Answers

This is Part-2 of a glimpse of author and Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias’ explanation of Christianity and critique of the New Spirituality in his book Why Jesus? Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality. Hypocrisy Dr. Zacharias comments on the hypocrisy of many new spiritualists: “It is interesting, don’t you think, that a […]

Why Jesus? (Part 1) Ravi Zacharias Gives Answers

Author and Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias provides a lucid explanation of Christianity and a critique of the New Spirituality in his book Why Jesus? Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality. This book is densely packed with truisms that will have you nodding in agreement.  His ability to read the cultural landscape leads […]

Practical Tips for Christmas Morning

During the Christmas season, we should remember why December 25th is a day for celebration.  This day marks the birth of Jesus Christ, the most significant man in history.  If you read His book, you will live your life as it was intended to be lived.  It is not a promise of a smooth, trouble-free […]

Safety First: Shove Something in That Kid’s Mouth

It’s that time of year.  It’s time for all the stories about perilous playthings and toxic toys.  Remember: Safety First! The news is too negative.  Let’s do something different. Let’s take a more positive approach and encourage each other to find things we can safely shove into our kids’ mouths this Christmas Season. We’ll start […]

Unintelligible Communication: What Are We to Do?

Unintelligible sign language presented at a memorial service ignited controversy and sparked outrage around the world.  Those trained in sign language described the gestures as meaningless, shameful, and an absolute circus. Absolute gibberish was conveyed alongside meaningful language, and most of us had no idea. Those of use who are not trained in sign language […]

VBS and VEO: Which One Threatens the Fate of America?

I never thought I would place Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Violent Extremist Organization (VEO) in the same sentence. Christians have lived peacefully in the military for hundreds of years. So what’s up with all the hooplah? Why do Christians suddenly have to prove they are not a violent terrorists because they follow Jesus? Oops […]

Hands of Light: Be Careful What You Reach For

hands of light

Are you a casualty of hands of light? You don’t have to be shot; and you don’t need shrapnel wounds. You don’t have to have PTSD or a traumatic brain injury; you may still have all your limbs. You can still be torn to shreds by a powerful force: Deception. The light of your life […]

Project-X: Tommy The Chimpanzee’s Fight to Take Flight

Tommy the chimpanzee might be taking flight soon, but not by plane and abetted by Matthew Broderick (reference Project-X, 1987).  Tommy’s advocates are fighting for his right to flee captivity. “Lawsuit Filed Today on Behalf of Chimpanzee Seeking Legal Personhood.” That is the title of a recent story put out by the Nonhuman Rights Project. […]