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Practical Tips for Christmas Morning

tips for Christmas

During the Christmas season, we should remember why December 25th is a day for celebration.  This day marks the birth of Jesus Christ, the most significant man in history.  If you read His book, you will live your life as it was intended to be lived.  It is not a promise of a smooth, trouble-free life.

But there’s no reason Christmas morning can’t be smooth and trouble-free.

Things to Have on Hand

  • Coffee.  We know when the morning officially begins.
  • Batteries.  Lots of AA and AAA, a handful of C and Ds, and a smattering of 9 volts.  (You may opt to have a battery-free Christmas.  If successful, you will be the first person since their invention).
  • George Straight Christmas Music.  Because it’s Christmas.
  • Eye Patch.  In case you shoot your eye out.
  • Retainer.  In case you shoot someone else’s eye out.
  • Wire cutters.  2 pair recommended.  Optimal for clipping through twist-tied wire (there will be a lot).
  • Mini-screwdriver . Multiple.  Crucial for accessing battery panels.

tips for Christmas


  • Box.  To keep receipts in case toys do not work.
  • Hominy.  Ask someone from the South (hint: lots of cheese).
  • More batteries.  Irrationally place into defective toy.
  • Camera.  Take pictures of 3-year-old when toy works.
  • Kleenex (or your shirt).  Wipe 3-year-old’s tears when toy breaks.
  • Ear plugs. Put in ears when 2-year-old screams bloody murder over broken toy.
  • Extra-tough Trash Can.  Slam worthless toy into bottom after it breaks.  Kick can to decrease stress.
  • Bandages.  Stop the bleeding after opening plastic packaging with new pocket knife.

tips for Christmas


  • Superglue.  Things will fly.  Something will break.
  • Gas.  Drive car to store to return defective/unwanted gifts.
  • Extra-Strength Tylenol.  Consume after 30 minutes in return line.
  • Banana Pudding.  It makes everything better.
  • Receipt for the DustBuster.   (They never have enough suction).
  • Hammer.  To smash hard drive after new software causes a failed reformat requiring a new computer.
  • Spot on the Curb.  For that awkward re-gift.  Apparently no one wants it.
  • Witness.  To hear you swear to have less toys next year, and NO batteries.
  • Bible.  Read to remind yourself what the day was supposed to be about.

tips for Christmas


Merry Christmas!

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6 Replies

  1. Bob Cloud

    Perfect check list, right on the money. I see you’ve done this before.

    1. As you can probably guess, checklists are a big part of my life. Why not one for Christmas morning?

  2. Excellent checklist, all except for the George Straight music–Toby Mac or Piano Guys for this family! 😉 Very funny post, Jason. Thanks for the laugh this morning!

    1. Toby Mac. Good stuff. This Christmas morning, I will definitely be singing “I’m Thankful For Youuuuu”

  3. Jeff & Charmé Fletcher

    Very funny…and right on the money with checklist. Actually, our 4 year-old grandson thinks he’s George Straight, so his dad got tickets to take his son, Jack, to see George in concert as a Christmas gift. Jack even shares the same birthdate as George. Have a blessed Christmas with your family, and I’m sure you have plenty of batteries!

    1. I’m sure that is going to be a great concert. Merry Christmas to you and yours!