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Why Do We Sneeze? The Mystery is Finally Revealed

Why do we sneeze? It’s a common question on the Internet. While scientists are busy scrambling to explain how questions like: How can something come form nothing? How can information arise from non-intelligence? What’s up with consciousness? the big questions in life–the important questions–remain unanswered. Like: why do we sneeze?

Inappropriate Affect: When a Smile Is Out of Place

The wisdom of King Solomon recorded over 2,000 years ago in the book of Ecclesiastes prevents inappropriate affect by reminding us that there is a time for everything: “A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to […]

Elegant Biology: New Perspectives For Your Information

Are you astounded by the complexity of biological information? Do you marvel at the magnificence of the human cell? Are you excited by scientific breakthroughs, watershed moments, and paradigm shifts? Get ready for a shift. I recently had the privilege to meet Dr. J.C. Sanford at the 2013 Ratio Christi Symposium at Southern Evangelical Seminary. […]

Prosopagnosia: When You Cannot See the Face of God

Prosopagnosia is the inability to recognize faces. Can you imagine a life where you can recognize everything but the people you love most? Imagine not recognizing your parents, your spouse, or your children. Imagine being baffled by your own reflection. Your life would revolve around a new question: “Who is that? For some, prosopagnosia is […]

The Life of Pi and the Death of Truth

“Which story do you prefer?” That was the final question Pi asks the writer chronicling his tale in the 2012 film The Life of Pi. Based on the novel by Yann Martel and directed by Ang Lee, the film beautifully explores the ideas of God and belief as Pi describes how events from his youth […]

“Thank God”: Our Cry of Relief in the Moments That Matter

We all thank God in the moments that matter: Singer: “Honey, I’m home. I completely blanked out through the second verse. They started boo-ing. At least my sponsors haven’t called.” “Thank God.” Politician: “Honey, I’m home. The bridge thing’s not going away. I’m trying to do what’s right. It’s ugly, but I think we can […]

Why You Should Say No to Spiritual Pornography

Easy access. New material every week. Guaranteed to satisfy. If you think I’m talking about pornography, you’re right. But not the kind you might think. While it’s true that Internet pornography has enslaved parents and children alike, there’s something else that might have you hooked. “You are a slave to whatever controls you” ( 2 […]

Anti-Christian Activism Gets Military Seals Removed From Bible Covers

This Christmas I received an unusual gift from a family member: a heightened awareness of anti-Christian activism targeting the American military. Actually, the gift was the Marine’s Bible (Holman publishers), which then led to the heightened state of awareness. When I unwrapped it from its packaging and looked at the cover, something was amiss. I […]

Awakening: Open Your Eyes and Become Alive

Some mornings it’s hard to wake up.  The room is cold; the covers are warm and soft.  It’s dark, and it’s early.  It just doesn’t make sense to get out of bed. Becoming Awake But you don’t have a choice; you have to go to work, so you hit the snooze and close your eyes. […]