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Now, Say You’re Sorry and Give Them a Hug

“Now go say you’re sorry and give them a hug.” If you grew up with a sibling, you most likely heard this phrase at some point during your childhood. If you have children, you may have demanded this of them shortly before recognizing you sound just like your parents. I know I have. But is […]

Get With the Program Before You Change It

I recently began using a new alarm clock. Like anyone who has slept through an alarm, I tested it before depending on it for an early wakeup. The snooze button is dangerous. It can quickly eliminate any time buffers you calculate the previous night. My alarm clock had an option for snooze, and the default […]

Standing Firm in Foolishness, and God Said That It Was Good

To the Christian, rejecting the saving power of the gospel is foolish. But sometimes it’s hard not to feel foolish when your faith is belittled, even if you’re normally secure with your convictions. But the hecklers of today are not the first to dismiss the cross of Christ as foolishness. In the Book of Corinthians, […]

How Do You Know When You’ve Made It?

How do you know when you’ve “made it?” When have you arrived? Is it based on money? Status? Recognition? If these are the things you are chasing, you could be running in circles for a while. No matter what position you take, there will be someone higher. No matter how much money you make, someone […]

Why Antithesists Should Be Digging Jesus’s Bones

Everybody has a stumbling block when it comes to accepting the truth about Jesus Christ. After Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus, he was charged with spreading the good news of the resurrected Christ to first the Jews, and then the Gentiles. The Jewish leaders of the day had been following the road to […]

I Forgot to Remember: Don’t Blog in Church

We remember the things that surprise us, and God reaches us in mysterious ways. Today’s message at Trinity Church from Pastor Jeff Gangel was from 2 Samuel 7 and illustrated how it was not for King David to build a temple to the Lord. That honor would fall to his son, Solomon.

Scarecrow Apocalypse: Attack of the Fictional, Malevolent God

A single drop of blood stains the soil underfoot of a churchgoing family of four. From miles away, a scarecrow detects a faint waft of iron; his eyes roll back in his brainless head. He rips his burlap sack through the rusty spikes fastening him to his post above the corn. He starts through the […]

Heroin, The Book of Job, and the Search for Something More

An Oscar-winning actor was found dead in a New York City apartment bathroom with a heroin needle still protruding from his body. Sources reveal that the actor foretold of his own possible demise a few weeks prior to being found unresponsive, leaving behind a wife and children. Some view life as an unbearable play and […]

Frontal Pole or the Moral Law, What Separates Right from Wrong?

The mystery of the conscience has fascinated thinkers for centuries. Our ability to determine right from wrong separates us from other animals. On the Christian worldview, morality is founded upon a standard of perfect goodness–God–from which deviations are measured. Christians recognize that without an absolute standard, good and bad are dissolved by the acid of […]