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Get With the Program Before You Change It


I recently began using a new alarm clock. Like anyone who has slept through an alarm, I tested it before depending on it for an early wakeup.

The snooze button is dangerous. It can quickly eliminate any time buffers you calculate the previous night. My alarm clock had an option for snooze, and the default setting was “on.”

I don’t like losing time to snooze abuse; therefore, I figured it was best to eliminate the snooze option altogether. I fiddled with the alarm and noticed that every new alarm I created had the snooze setting to “on.”

What’s going on? Doesn’t anybody else want to get up on time? Why would the developer set all the snooze settings to on?

I changed the snooze setting to off. Then I stayed up later than I had planned. When I was woken up the next morning, I immediately engage in a battle with sleep inertia, and I was losing. I rolled over and searched for a way to silence the untimely reveille and get a few more minutes of rest.

Where’s the snooze button? Oh yeah.

I had to silence the incessant buzzing, but I desperately wanted ten more minutes of sleep. My only option was to turn the alarm off completely.

That’s when I realized why the default setting was to use the snooze: you might lose some time, but at least you’ll get up. If you’re forced to turn the alarm off, then you risk oversleeping.

I had misunderstood the program, and therefore, I tried to change it.

Christianity has suffered over the centuries from those who would change it to fit their own desires. Some tweak it, others reject it, and almost everybody borrows from it.

  • Want to sell that new “secret” to life? Just add Jesus
  • Need a theme for your new worldview? Add some forgiveness.
  • Want to create a new religion? Promise your followers a better life if they follow your instructions.

But the ones who have distorted Christianity the most have understood it the least. They misunderstood the philosophy of the program. Some groups either deny or omit so many essentials that the resulting belief system ends up almost unrecognizable.

This should give us pause to ask a single question before we reject the message of Christ:

Do I really understand the significance and implications of Jesus’s death on the cross?

If the answer is no, I encourage you to learn more about this carpenter from Nazareth who has changed lives, is changing lives, and will continue to change lives forever.

Are you with the program, or are you just trying to change it?

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