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A Grande Pike with Room for Spiritual Conditioning

On a recent trip which brought me through Dallas International Airport, I was inconvenienced by a spiritual attack. I never saw it coming, and I didn’t expect it to happen at Starbucks (though I probably should have). I paid for a cup of coffee and received religious propaganda. The attack was subtle, stealthy–maybe a bit […]

Surprised By Joy, C.S. Lewis on Desiring Desire

It seems like an odd phrase, to be surprised by joy. Without much reflection, we can reasonably assume we know what it means to have joy. But do we? In Surprised by Joy, C. S. Lewis merges an extraordinary life experience with a growing awareness of God. The pursuit of joy is the canvas for […]

(Mother’s Day Repost) A Mother’s Valor: Of Strength and Sacrifice

Valor is “great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.”¹ I can think of no bigger struggle fraught with more danger than the battle of Matern-ageddon. Before I render my tribute to mothers, let’s quickly revisit another famous battle. In the first century, Sparta was known for its elite class of fighting warriors. […]

Where New Things Stay New

Nothing stays new forever–ask anyone who’s ever purchased a new car. The experience invokes emotions similarly present during the stages of grief. Denial: you can’t believe they’re asking you to pay so much for a car. Bargaining: you haggle with the salesperson until they get what they want Depression: you realize you’re now car–poor Anger: […]

The Benefit of Closing Your Open Door Policy

We’ve all heard it. You’ve probably said it. It’s what you thought you had to say and what you thought your team expected to hear: “I have an open door policy.” An open door policy has several advantages. It creates an environment of trust It shows your team your concern for their feedback. It encourages […]