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How to Recover Your Life When It’s Out of Control

Fighter pilots are trained to fly their weapons systems at the edge of the operating envelope. A timid fighter pilot will yield an advantage to the adversary, and too much aggression can send them with their aircraft out of control. Every Naval aviator learns how to recover their aircraft using the emergency procedure for out-of-control […]

The Power of a Father’s Faith

A father’s words are powerful. He doesn’t have to say much. What he says, or does not say, will have a mighty impact. The course of my life has been guided at times by just a few words from my father. What he says, and what he does, is watched more carefully than he knows. […]

What’s Waiting for You at the Top

Do you know what’s waiting for you at the top? From a young age, we are taught to advance within the ranks as quickly as possible. The profession is inconsequential; it’s all the same. Your goal is to make it to the top, and don’t stop laboring until you are there. Of course, we should […]

Causation: Augustine’s Response to the Predestination Paradox

This guest post is by Brian Hershey, a veteran youth worker specializing in military teen ministry. To learn more about Brian’s ministry, check out his bio at the end of this post, and watch his story here. Brian also writes at http://rightlanereflections.wordpress.com Walking across the street to greet my new neighbors, I was unprepared for […]

Postmodern Psychological Parenting: Why We are Failing Our Children

Postmodern Psychological Parenting is the reason parents today are exhausted, confused, and failing their children. Parenting by the book is the key to raising happy and healthy children. The question is, which book? There are plenty to choose from. They are filled with theories and suggestions. All of them sound reasonable, and none of them […]