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A Paratrooper’s Faith and a Legacy of Love

a paratroopers faith

Green Light On June 5th, 1944, high above a war raging in Europe, a paratrooper’s faith helped calm a 20-year-old soldier from the 82nd Airborne Division. The vibration of the military transport plane might have put George to sleep if not for the peril he was about to face. He was about to jump under cover […]

Dead-Enders: Worldviews and Their Logical Conclusions

dead enders

Insurgent Dead-Enders In the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld dismissed a rash of deadly attacks on U.S. troops as the last throes of a small group of “dead-enders.”  Early tactical victories during the war led some to believe that these dead-enders, comprised of members of Saddam’s former Baath Party, Fedayeen paramilitary, and […]

Gladwell and The Principle of Legitimacy

principle of legitimacy malcolm gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants seeks to explain several different phenomena by using a simple concept: the inverted U-curve.  Gladwell uses this tool to help us understand when conditions will either be advantageous or disadvantageous.  Understanding when a situation is operating with an inverted-U curve can […]

I REALLY Love Science, Too

So Awesome I Could Curse! I like science. I like it a lot. Seriously, I REALLY love science. But it doesn’t drive me to obscenities. That’s not the case for a new generation of media socialites. A website dedicated to the celebration of science has led to people I love to share something with me […]