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I REALLY Love Science, Too

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So Awesome I Could Curse!

I like science. I like it a lot. Seriously, I REALLY love science.

But it doesn’t drive me to obscenities. That’s not the case for a new generation of media socialites. A website dedicated to the celebration of science has led to people I love to share something with me that I hate: the F-bomb.

Have you ever loved something so much that you just had to curse? And then share your cursing with the world? (Or your Close Friends, Acquaintances, or whatever list/label you’ve given your Facebook friends)?

Some people really want to let you know how much they love science. They don’t just love science; they F-bomb-explicitavely love science. (Pardon the solecism.)

Taking Offense

The website that is helping them express their overflowing emotions for science is IFL Science! at www.iflscience.com. You can guess what the “F” stands for. When these stories are shared on Facebook, the acronym is always spelled out.

Here, enjoy this article on What Happens When A Man In A Mentos Suit Jumps Into A Tank Of Diet Coke, and this F-bomb on your Facebook wall. And then get back to work.

Aww, your cousin Jenny just had a baby. Isn’t she cute? BAM! F-BOMB right underneath! Read about What Happens When You Play Music Through A Squid!

Yes, I could “hide” these daily injections of profanity. But then I would miss the latest on how Herpes Infected Our Ancestors Before They Were Human.

Why It’s Awesome

What’s not to love about science? A quick Google search reminds me of what Science is:

  • Science is both a body of knowledge and a process.
  • Science is exciting.
  • Science is useful.
  • Science is ongoing.
  • Science is a global human endeavor.1

All true.

Why It’s Not Worth Cursing About

It also reminds me of things science cannot do:

  • Science cannot make moral judgments.
  • Science cannot make aesthetic judgments.
  • Science cannot tell you how to use scientific knowledge.
  • Science cannot draw conclusions about supernatural explanations.2

While science cannot do these things, scientists (and many people who REALLY love science), do these things often. Additionally, an abundance of zeal for science combined with derisive cursing reveals a lack of something else: good judgment.

Giving Offense

Maybe I should not be casting the first stone. After all, I have been sharing obscenities, too. One definition of obscene is to be “offensive to the mind.” There is nothing more offensive than telling someone else that they are broken. The Christian message:

  • Acknowledges that every one of us is broken
  • Proclaims God, not man, as the measure of all things
  • Reminds us that we cannot save ourselves from our wretchedness
  • Requires faith in things unseen
  • Promises hardship and persecution

What could possibly be more offensive to the mind than this? Yet I share this message with those I love.

Why? Because I like Jesus. I like Jesus a lot. Seriously, I REALLY love Jesus.

But I don’t need the F-bomb to make my point. The language God used to convey his message is far more powerful.

1 UC Museum of Paleontology of the University of California at Berkeley, “What is Science?” Understanding Science: How Science Really Works, accessed 3 July 2014, http://undsci.berkeley.edu/article/whatisscience_01
2 Ibid.
Photo Credit: NASA, PD, http://map.gsfc.nasa.gov/media/060915/index.html

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3 Replies

  1. Brian

    Great post, Jason! You make a great point about the limits of science — what it can not do. Love the comment about a lack of good judgement. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Thanks for reading, Brian.

  2. Very well said Jason. I hate when people use those kinds of words. I don’t see the necessity. It never adds anything of value to the spoken or written word. I also liked your comment on lack of good judgment. Good way of describing it! God bless your week!