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Keeping Your Honor Clean

honor clean

First to fight for rights and freedom / And to keep our honor clean… These two phrases precede the final line of one of America’s most cherished anthems: the Marine Corps Hymn. Marines have earned their title, and they are proud to claim it. Winning Our Nation’s Battles Young men and women in the prime […]

Growing In and the Importance of an Exit Strategy

growing in exit strategy

If we have learned anything about entering a conflict in the Middle East, it is the importance of having a sound exit strategy. But exit strategies have broad application and should not be confined to military studies. Planning an exit strategy is an important life skill. Everyone understands what it means to grow up. From […]

Why Military Religious Freedom Is In Big Trouble

military religious freedom

WARNING! Sarcasm ahead. Military religious freedom is being threatened by a book. In the drawer of hotel room at an undisclosed military installation, something sinister lurks in the darkness under a film of dust. This abomination, frequently referenced by Dominionist fundamentalist Christian supremacy religious extremist predators, has been placed in countless hotel rooms on hundreds of military […]

I Do Believe My Ears


“I don’t believe my ears.” We use this expression after hearing the unexpected.  The statement that sometimes follows is “I’ll have to see it to believe it.” But why should we give more weight to what we see than what we hear when deciding what to believe? It is easy take our vision for granted. Sight […]

The Problem of Pain and a Mission to Walmart

problem of pain walmart

The problem of pain can be a persuasive critique of theism. While we can discover sufficient answers from several disciplines including philosophy and theology, suffering in the world continues to make us ask, “What do we do with pain?” My toddler must have been thinking these thoughts recently. He would not have called it the […]