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The Ballad of Betty and Chesty

chesty puller

For Marines, the Crucible is both a test and a way of life. This test of courage and strength begins at basic training, extends into combat, and often continues after their service is complete. This ballad describes one small part of the Crucible and is dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces […]

The 1 Remarkable Thing About Fighter Jets

one remarkable thing about fighter jets

The one remarkable thing about fighter jets has nothing to do with its capabilities. For the most part, fighter jets are unremarkable. Fighter jets go incredibly fast and fly extremely high. They fly at supersonic airspeeds in three dimensions while detecting, tracking, and guiding weapons toward other aircraft miles away. They withstand G forces several […]

What Are You Willing to Believe?

willing to believe

When I was child, my father found a clever way to make me comb my hair. He told me that if I didn’t, it would turn green. I believed him. I worried about my hair, wondering if my furious combing was keeping the green strands at bay. Eventually, I questioned my belief in neglect-based hair […]

Things Which Cannot Be Unseen

cannot be unseen

Some things cannot be unseen. Some of the best advice you can receive about the internet is not to click. This is especially wise when faced with the lure of sensational videos surrounding tragic events. Warning! Graphic video We are curious beings, and it’s tempting to click and see. But some things cannot be unseen. […]