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Things Which Cannot Be Unseen

cannot be unseen

Some things cannot be unseen. Some of the best advice you can receive about the internet is not to click. This is especially wise when faced with the lure of sensational videos surrounding tragic events.

    • Warning! Graphic video

We are curious beings, and it’s tempting to click and see.

But some things cannot be unseen.

That Which Cannot Be Unseen

      • This media contains disturbing images

Read the article. Formulate a passionate response. Take action. But before you click and watch, ask yourself whether you really want to share a moment of barbarism with the figure on the film.

I have clicked before, and I have seen. And I wish I could un-see.

Life presents us with enough opportunities to witness human depravity. Media with shock-value is released for click-value. Horrific acts intended to terrorize leave us sick and burning with desire for justice. Some images demand a response, and after seeing some things you will never be the same.

He Who Cannot Be Unseen

Cowardly expressions of hatred certainly make lasting impressions, but they are not the only things which cannot be unseen.

In the age where no one has legitimacy and everyone claims authority, where facts are challenged and history is re-written, people are starving for the one thing an app cannot provide: truth.

We are bombarded with commentary colored by the experiences and presuppositions of the speakers. Without a filter to screen bad information, you could soon find yourself in front of a camera committing atrocities in the name of bad religion while encouraging others to join your unholy crusade.

Just as a moment of shock follows the witness of atrocity, it also follows the realization that truth is found not in a thing, but in a person.

“I am the way, and the truth, and the light.” Jesus knew his revelation would be seen as blasphemous, and he knew the consequences.

The life of Jesus of Nazareth demands a response. When you study his word, you not only see his life, you begin to know a person, and his truth becomes increasingly harder to un-see. Those who have seen the truth in Jesus Christ are changed forever.

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