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New E-book Release: Far Better Men

far better men

I am excited to inform you of the release of my new e-book Far Better Men. Men today are struggling.  We want to be better men, but it’s not always easy. How do we become the men we are supposed to be?

I answer this question with help from legendary Marine Corps Commandant and Major General General John A. Lejeune who wrote about the proper relations between officers and men in 1920:

e-book far better men“These men are in the formative period of their lives and officers owe it to them, to their parents, and to the Nation, that when discharged from the service they should be far better men physically, mentally, and morally than they were when they enlisted.

Based on this excerpt from an old Marine Corps order, this short book provides four crucial requirements for men to grow and fulfill their obligations as leaders, husbands, and fathers. If you want to know how to be a man, what better guidance can you receive than from a legendary leader of Marines?

But Far Better Men is not just for men. While the illustrations are addressed to men, the principles apply to women as well. General Lejeune is taking about more than being a better man; he’s talking about being a better person.

General Lejeune uses a familiar framework on which to build his guidance for making better men:

Body, mind, and spirit.

From the General’s guidance, I’ve extracted four crucial requirements for becoming better men, better Marines, and better people.

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e-book far better men

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