Jason B. Ladd

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Going Back to Black and White

back to black and white

This Christmas season, part of our experience included going back to black and white.  I wanted to create a shared experience with my children. I wanted to watch It’s A Wonderful Life. I recently saw clips of the colorized version and determined that with color, there was a chance for success. And we would watch […]

Infinity in the Falling Snow

The day had arrived to return back home from a trip overseas. My hotel room was unusually dark for the time of morning. I drew open the curtains to reveal a blizzard swirling beneath a grey expanse. I walked outside and looked up. The air, while saturated with snow, was clear. As I looked up, […]

Which Way Is Up?

which way is up fighter pilot

Every fighter pilot must learn how to conduct low altitude bombing runs. This mission requires mastery of several skill sets. You must fly at high airspeeds at low altitudes. You must dynamically maneuver around terrain and quickly respond to surface-to-air threats. And you must be able to acquire the correct target and make a valid […]

What Are You So Happy About?

what are you so happy about

Have you ever felt like asking a Christian, “What are you so happy about?” Those who don’t share the same faith sometimes find Christians annoying. This is understandable. The Christian caricature has his head in the clouds. He is too heavenly minded to be any earthly good. He smiles and sings, seemingly oblivious to the […]