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Going Back to Black and White

back to black and white

This Christmas season, part of our experience included going back to black and white.  I wanted to create a shared experience with my children. I wanted to watch It’s A Wonderful Life. I recently saw clips of the colorized version and determined that with color, there was a chance for success.

And we would watch it without any other screens in the room. No laptops and no iTouches. It was a revolutionary new way (and by new, I mean old)
to watch a movie: with undivided attention.

The children balked, of course, at the thought of watching anything in black and white.

Everything was going to plan, until I was tricked. The thumbnail of the movie on Amazon was in color, but the version that I purchased was in black and white.

The complaining was the black and white immediate and unceasing.

They have experienced television in color. In their eyes, going back to black and white television means experiencing something less. To them, color is the standard. Color is life. In fact, in-color is the only way to live.

People have a similar experience after embracing a Christian worldview. The meaning and purpose that Christianity brings to each individual adds a new dimension to life. In many ways, it is not unlike seeing television in color for the first time. Things you have seen a thousand times suddenly look new. The world is painted with a new palette, creating a depth and beauty previously unimaginable.

After understanding life through the lens of a Christian worldview, you will not want to go back to a life of black and white. Memories fail to recall the past in more than a shade of grey, while the present reverberates in a symphony of color and light.

Life gains a new depth, highlighting the before-unseen shallows in which we were once satisfied. To the Christian, there is a new standard. In fact, in-Christ is the only way to live.

George Bailey was given a gift, the chance to see what the world would be like if he had never been born. Christians also have a gift. They have seen what life is like before being born again. It too, is a different place, and worse than Pottersville. And every reminder of how life used to be has them screaming to live again.

If you’re asking the question “Is this all there is?” then you are living in black and white. There is another world spinning side-by-side with the one you know. But it has the power to thrust you into a new experience, a new life.

Life is less than what it could be in black and white. Are you ready to see in color?

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5 Replies

  1. Elaine

    Praise God for the wonderful gift He has given!

  2. Funny, Jason, we began to watch It’s a Wonderful Life in black and white, too, until the kids clamored for color. We ended up watching Elf. 😉
    I could never go back to my old life without Christ. I sometimes think about it, and am so grateful he called me away unto himself, redeemed me and brought me to a relationship with God. He transformed me from the inside out. That is the color, the power, the grace and love of God.

    I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas; praying for favor and a Power-filled new year.

  3. Anna Waldherr

    Well said! I happen to love “It’s A Wonderful Life”. :0)