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Pre-Orders Open for My New Book One of the Few


(Update: we met our crowd-funding goal, and pre-orders are now closed for the time being. Sign up to be notified when it’s released and download a free excerpt by signing up at www.oneofthefewbook.com) I’m excited to let you know that I am now accepting pre-orders for my new book One of the Few: A Marine Fighter […]

Boyhood: What It Means In an Age of Mixed Messages


Richard Linklater’s Boyhood is one of the year’s most notable movies. Linklater attempts to capture the total experience of boyhood. and does it well. Boyhood was filmed with same actors over a period of 12 years, giving it an uncommon authenticity. This is an incredible time to present what it means to be a boy in an […]

7 Reasons I Worship a Hateful God

worship a hateful god

I worship a god of hate. That’s right, my god hates. He’s full of it. He hates every day. There’s not a single second of the day when he’s not hating. In fact, my god probably hates more than your god. That’s why I’m teaching my children to hate. I want them to hate so […]


the gouge

MCAS MIRAMAR, CA — Fresh stubble sprouts on the face of Marine Major Pat “Brownout” Greyson. He rubs his oddly rough cheeks awaiting the results of a Congressional hearing on type confusion in the military. “You’re supposed to shave, even when on leave. But l don’t feel like shaving today.” Greyson has been battling depression […]

Making Sense of Suffering

why suffering ravi zacharias vince vitale

Christianity is more than a belief system. It is a away of life. The principles derived from Scripture inform the head and guide the heart. The Christian worldview is one of the few where philosophy corresponds to the human experience with coherence and consistency. But inevitably, events will occur which threaten to shake the foundations […]

Reawakening: Has the Movement Missed the Mark?

reawakening marine corps

The hills are alive / With the sound of… …A softening US Marine Corps. That sentiment has surfaced from critics of the “reawakening” campaign in America’s beloved fighting force.