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My Dirty Little Secret: I Don’t Care About Your Blog

I can’t take it any more. I have to tell you my dirty little secret. It’s been gnawing at me for too long.

I have to talk to you about your blog.

Your blog is beautiful. You exhibit photography in creative ways and year-long challenges.

Your blog is delicious. You talk about cooking and Thanksgiving cookies and what you made for dinner.

And I don’t care.

Your blog is filled with surprise endings and heartwarming stories.

Your blog is informative. I know the Top 10 of everything.

Your blog is filled with secrets, inspirations, and open letters.

And I don’t care about any of them.

Your blog has so many new strategies to learn and “things I should know.”

Your blog gives me ways for winning, easy fixes, and dire warnings I can’t afford to ignore.

And I’m trying to care. I’m trying to care about the pictures and the food and the books.

But I can’t.

I’m still going to browse your site. I’m still going to admire your art and imagine the aroma of your vegetarian lasagna. I’ll still glance at your crafts, and I’ll “like” what you are About.

But I just want you to know: I don’t care about your blog.

I care about you.

Photo credit: Joris_Louwes / Foter / CC BY

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About Jason B. Ladd

Jason is an author, speaker, Marine, and father of seven. He has flown the F/A-18 Hornet as a Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1 (MAWTS-1) Instructor Pilot and the F-16 as an Instructor Pilot. His award-winning book One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview has been optioned for film adaptation. He is represented by Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency.

4 Replies

  1. Lisa Brown

    The Bottom Line is people really do matter don’t they.

    Every voice matters.

    1. Indeed, that is The Bottom Line

  2. Marine Cwo

    Jason, love the book, I downloaded my free copy last night after holding a hard copy in my hands this past weekend at the TTF breakfast when Mike took the picture he sent you. Anyway, just wanted to let you know, I appreciate your diligence in getting the book written, published, and into the waiting hands of many. May God prosper your ministry efforts and writing initiatives richly and bring glory to Him. The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few, pray books like yours encourage other young Christian Officers to “get into the fight” and share the gospel more boldly and intelligently with their peers, superiors, and most importantly, their subordinates. Looking forward to gifting hard copies of this book to my Marines in the coming years when I return to the FMF to lead those young hard-chargers. For now, I’ll just share with the various Federal Agents I have the privilege of working with. Thanks again and God bless.

    When I finally put my thoughts together for a short memoir on life in the national security business, and being a husband/father myself I’ll be picking your brain brother!

    1. thanks! It’s good to know there are others in the fight!