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The Routine (Excerpt from One of the Few)

the routine excerpt one of the few

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My alarm buzzed at 6:00 p.m. Time to wake up. I rolled out of the bottom bunk and stood on the sand-filled carpet I purchased months earlier. The window air conditioning unit was on full blast to keep the small unit cool, and the scent of Downy blew from fabric softener sheets I placed inside the filter. I thought about caffeine and glanced at my burnt-out coffee pot.

The “cans” were our living spaces and ran on 220 volt electricity. Plugging in American devices required an adapter and step-down converter to reduce the voltage. The previous day, I tried to use the coffee pot I received in a care package from Karry. Shortly after hitting the on switch, the power in my can blew out. Using a flashlight, I reset the circuit breaker for the can. I had a spare fuse for the converter, but the coffee pot was toast. I grazed my face with an electric shaver in front of a small mirror hung on the wall, letting the stubble float down into and around the small wastebasket beneath.

I grabbed my toiletry kit and towel and headed for the showers in the adjacent trailer. The sun dipped below the horizon, and I shielded my eyes from sandy wind as I walked in my silkies, skivvies, and flip-flops to the shower area. Something was wrong with the water pressure. Great. Another water bottle shower.  I unscrewed the cap to the first bottle and stepped into the stall wondering what the night’s flight would bring. I poured the cold water over my head and quickly scrubbed my body to create warmth; a cold rinse-down was still luxury compared to a baby-wipe bath.

I threw on my tan flight suit and holstered my standard issue 9mm Beretta. Our squadron spaces were just across the road, and it was dark by the time I arrived. Since I was on the night page, most of my flights would begin and end in complete darkness. It also meant I had to sleep during the day. We kept our unnatural circadian rhythm in its groove with blacked-out windows and careful measures to avoid seeing the sun. It was somewhat vampire-esque—appropriate for a squadron known as the “Bats.”

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