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Alaska Airlines: Core Values for Corps Veterans

Alaska Airlines

The more I learn about Alaska Airlines, the more I learn about leadership . During my time flying F-16s with the US military’s inter-service exchange program, I met several reserve officers who flew for major airlines. I asked several of them who they flew with, and they all told me about their experiences flying big-wing […]

3 Crucial Realizations for Becoming a Better Parent

Every good parent wants to become better. After quickly learning life isn’t just about you anymore, every decision takes on a new dimension. You no longer ask what is best, but what is best for your children. And you try to make the right decisions, but things don’t always work out how you envisioned. Here […]

The Cost of Inaction on the 4th of July

4th of july

(Excerpt from One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview) Sometimes the hardest trials are suffered by the ones you love most. The Pensacola beaches were something to dream about, but we were about to experience a nightmare.