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Alaska Airlines: Core Values for Corps Veterans

Alaska Airlines

The more I learn about Alaska Airlines, the more I learn about leadership .

During my time flying F-16s with the US military’s inter-service exchange program, I met several reserve officers who flew for major airlines.

I asked several of them who they flew with, and they all told me about their experiences flying big-wing jets for their respective companies.

I asked each of them,

“What do you like most about your airline?”

Each pilot could choose several ways to answer my question:

  • They could mention the pay and benefits.
  • They could mention the schedule.
  • They could mention the facilities, or the aircraft, or the routes.


But one pilot took a different route.

“What do I like most about my company?” he responded. “That’s easy,” he said,

“their commitment to integrity.”
While I was surprised at his answer, I shouldn’t have been. This officer was a superb F-16 Instructor Pilot and known for being a man of high principle and character.
He flew for Alaska Airlines.
Since then, I have learned more about Alaska Airlines’ commitment to excellence and exemplary reputation. The more I learned about the Alaska Airlines core values, the more resemblance I found with the Marine Corps Values I learned during basic training.

“Alaska Airlines has five core Values…: Alaska Spirit, Professionalism, Integrity, Caring, and Resourcefulness.”1

I, like so many others, am looking for men and women of character. Men and women of conviction.

Men and women with honor, courage, and commitment.
In the Corps, I found more than a few. Alaska Airlines, it seems, has more than a few more.

But Alaska Airlines is made up of more than the Alaska body; within it dwells the Alaska Spirit. I’m sure what makes Alaska Airlines great is the very thing mentioned in their recent post, “5 Reasons You Should Work for Alaska Airlines”

the people.

Whether putting out wildfires, supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation, or supporting our troops, the people of Alaska Airlines operate with a servant’s heart,

with the indwelling of the Alaska Spirit.

What other companies do you know that are known for their character?

1 John Kelly and Bill Ayer, “Alaska Airlines Safety Policy,” The Safe Approach, Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring, 2001, accessed July 28, 2015. http://splash.alaskasworld.com/safety/images/Spring2001_SA.pdf

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