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High Speed Elite

As some of you know, my book is on the street.

I already know the question that will be coming next:

How did you do it?

First I’m going to tell you what I didn’t do:

  • Pick a random topic
  • Write it quickly
  • Just get it out there

If your goal is more than just having a book in existence, then that is a recipe for failure.

Here’s what I did do:

  • Carefully find what I’m most qualified to write about
  • Build a platform (early!)
  • Study the experts
  • Develop a plan
  • Execute the checklist
  • Collaborate!

Jason and book

There’s so much more that has gone into all the steps I listed above, and there are many more steps.

Here’s the point: no one does it alone. I had help. Lots of help.

And it has cost money. A significant chunk of change.

But for me, it’s worth it, because my message is worth it. And my business is worth it. All the time and money I’ve spent has been a carefully calculated investment.

One of the keys to my success has been to become a part of Tom MorkesPublishers’ Empire, a premier publishing training and book launch platform.

Being a member of this community has already reaped a massive amount of benefits.

High Speed Elite

Now, the reason I’m bringing all this up.

Tom is launching a new premium business mastermind and coaching program called High Speed Elite.

Register HERE!

high speed elite

(more about these guys here)

I don’t know a whole lot about it yet, but I know I’ll be tuning in live. And I know that if what he and veteran entrepreneurs John Lee Dumas, founder of Eofire.com, and Antonio Centeno, founder of realmenrealstyle.com have put together is as helpful as Tom’s Publishers’ Empire, then you will want to tune in.

Especially if you’re a veteran with a business or the dream of a business.

That’s it.

Claim your spot now.

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About Jason B. Ladd

Jason is an author, speaker, Marine, and father of seven. He has flown the F/A-18 Hornet as a Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1 (MAWTS-1) Instructor Pilot and the F-16 as an Instructor Pilot. His award-winning book One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview has been optioned for film adaptation. He is represented by Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency.

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