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Chasing Alaska: Skittle Triage and the Runaway Loo

chasing Alaska slalom skittles

It’s settled. We’ll drive to Alaska. After days of intense planning, I have us from Phoenix to Alaska in 10 days. But Karry doesn’t like straight lines. “I want to go through Grand Teton. That’s a must,” she says. No problem. It’s already a stop on our route. “And I want to see the big trees […]

Chasing Alaska: I Can Tow My House Now

chasing alaska travel-trailer

So we recently moved to Alaska. We generally enjoy road trips. I just don’t usually bring my house with me. First we had to get the house. And by house I mean 29-foot travel trailer. My wife had told me: “I want something big enough for the kids, small enough to be uncomfortable, expensive enough to stress you […]