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Should You Run a Book Promotion? The Numbers Say Yes

Today’s post is by guest contributor Lori Puma. Should you run a book promotion? The data behind 874 promos run by indie authors says they work If you’ve published a book, you’ve probably run at least one free or discounted book deal on a promotion site like BookBub, eReader News Today (ENT), or The Fussy […]

Opportunity to Support a Missionary

UPDATE Nathan’s mission has been fully funded and he is currently in Albania. Thanks for all the support! Have you ever been at a point in your life where you felt called to shake everything up? Have you ever taken a massive leap of faith? Have you ever crossed oceans, sacrificing your own comforts for […]

Guest Post on Nothing Any Good

Big thanks to Dan Buri for posting this guest article on IndieListers (7 Valuable Insights from Promo Debriefs Using IndieListers). Dan is an author and supporter of the indie community. He writes at NothingAnyGood.com and has a collection of short fiction Pieces Like Pottery. Thanks again, Dan!

The Moment We Knew

We weren’t sure how to feel driving to the hospital for the ultrasound. So many things could happen. The results from genetic testing came back weeks prior, so we had an idea what to expect. But you can never be sure. I met Karry and the boys in the hospital parking lot. My three-year-old made a […]

3 Radical Practices of a Christian Apologist

christian apologist

What happened to philosophy? Have all the thoughts been thunk? I guess we’re tired Of truth now mired In apathetic funk I ask these questions from time to time, but I ask them more frequently after hearing men like Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Rightfully touted as the world’s most renown living Christian apologist, his recent visit to […]

A Heart of Wisdom and White Sulphur Springs

heart of wisdom

The sun was setting behind Hezekiah Ridge, the peak of a small mountain on Victory Trail winding through Pennsylvania’s Allegheny country. I stood at the top looking down on the 1,000 acres of land surrounding the Heritage House at White Sulphur Springs thinking about a heart of wisdom. Porcupine Shale formations covered with green moss and […]

Chasing Alaska: Skittle Triage and the Runaway Loo

chasing Alaska slalom skittles

It’s settled. We’ll drive to Alaska. After days of intense planning, I have us from Phoenix to Alaska in 10 days. But Karry doesn’t like straight lines. “I want to go through Grand Teton. That’s a must,” she says. No problem. It’s already a stop on our route. “And I want to see the big trees […]

Chasing Alaska: I Can Tow My House Now

chasing alaska travel-trailer

So we recently moved to Alaska. We generally enjoy road trips. I just don’t usually bring my house with me. First we had to get the house. And by house I mean 29-foot travel trailer. My wife had told me: “I want something big enough for the kids, small enough to be uncomfortable, expensive enough to stress you […]

The Force Awakens, Hits Snooze and Sleeps In

the force awakens, star wars

Stars Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has taken over the world. And rightfully so. (Photo left: Lego Vader brandishing a light shaver, “I can’t believe I slept in again.”) I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I grew up on Star Wars. And I’m taking my family to see The Force Awakens on opening night […]

Troublemaker: The King of Queens Model on Rejecting a Worldview

troublemaker king of queens

I felt a bit like a troublemaker as I walked the creepy streets of Clearwater, Florida back in 2010. Ever since then, I’ve had a fascination with Scientology. Maybe it’s because I loved Top Gun as a kid. Maybe it’s because the name implies the study of science. Or maybe it’s because its creator—a science fiction writer […]