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Get the Amazon reviews you need.

As an unknown author.






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It’s Not Another Service. It’s the Solution.



What if you could finally start getting the Amazon review you need as an unknown author?

With Book Review Banzai, it’s not only possible, It’s inevitable.



What You’ll Learn

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to find and connect with the perfect book review candidates for your book in the kind of numbers that matter.

But there’s one more little secret. This technique goes beyond book reviews. It will change the way you find and and connect with people forever.


“The most comprehensive system for getting book reviews….and should be in the arsenal of every author.”

–Pete Nikolai, Director of Publishing Services for HarperCollins Christian Publishing



  • Identify

    Learn how to identify your perfect book reviewer


  • Find

    Find tons of book reviewers that love your kind of book


  • Optimize

    Learn about automation to minimize workload and maximize efficiency


“Jason’s high integrity approach and fun writing style will arm you with an effective strategy for getting Amazon reviews.”
–Alinka Rutkowska, multi-award winning, #1 international best-selling author and author coach




  • Crush It

    Gain massive credibility for you and your book by crushing the book review scene with social proof


  • Connect

    Create personal connections to build relationships with mutual benefits


  • Network

    Learn how to build your launch team large enough to make an impact on launch day


“This technique will show you how to get dozens and possibly hundreds of reviews for your book.”
–Tom Morkes, CEO Insurgent Publishing


  • Unlock

    Unlock your book’s full potential for marketing, buzz, and revenue



  • Organize

    Customize highly targeted and personal correspondence by staying organized with spreadsheets


“A must-read for all authors whether self-published, indie, or traditionally published.”
–A. G. Billig, author and reviewer




  • Craft

    Learn how to craft your emails to minimize bounces and spam filtering and maximize response rates


  • Collaborate

    Get inside information and join the discussion with special groups and masterminds



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Are Amazon reviews really that important?

Yes! Reviews give you credibility as an author. They open doors to promotional opportunities. They’re part of Amazon’s algorithm that determines rankings. And like it of not, your book will be judged by your review count, and it’s the last piece of social proof readers will see before they decide whether to buy it


I’ve already tried other books teaching how to get Amazon reviews. Why should I try this one?

Book Review Banzai uses a strategic blend of automation and personalization to help you connect directly with thousands of book review candidates that are looking for your kind of book. It’s largely a numbers game, and Book Review Banzai gets you the numbers.


Is this going to ask me to violate any of Amazon’s policies?

No. Book Review Banzai encourages users to respect Amazon’s (and every website’s) Terms of Service, so you can banzai with not only peace of mind, but confidence!