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Get Your Book the Reviews it Deserves

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It's not a service. It's the solution.

  • Tom Morkes, CEO Insurgent Publishing
    This technique will show you how to get dozens and possibly hundreds of reviews for your book.
    Tom Morkes, CEO Insurgent Publishing
  • Pete Nikolai, director of publishing services for Thomas Nelson
    The most comprehensive system for getting book reviews....and should be in the arsenal of every author.
    Pete Nikolai, director of publishing services for Thomas Nelson
  • A. G. Billig, author and reviewer
    A must-read for all authors whether self-published, indie, or traditionally published.
    A. G. Billig, author and reviewer
  • Buck Flogging, founder of and creator of Buck Books
    This training is a thing of beauty on what is one of the top three factors that sell a book on Amazon.
    Buck Flogging, founder of and creator of Buck Books

"Based on that book about book reviews with 101 Amazon reviews in six days. (I can quote myself, right?)"
—author, Book Review Banzai

What if you could start crushing the book review scene
as an unknown author?

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With Book Review Banzai, it's not only possible,
It's inevitable.

Dad and shepherd

Jason B. Ladd by the numbers:

7: Number of children we have been blessed with

6: Number of days to hit my review goal for the Book Review Banzai ebook

5: Number of earmuff pads our blonde lab has destroyed

4: Seconds it took to fall in love with my wife

3: Number of fighter jets I know how to fly

2: Number of my books with over 100 Amazon reviews

1: Amazon rank of every book I've published

0: Number of book review services I used

168 Reviews for One of the Few

103 105 Reviews for Book Review Banzai (just released!)

If you're an author with an insatiable thirst for success, we're going to work well together. I look forward to hearing from you. I'll probably be in my cabin in Alaska, with coffee, gazing at a pile of unsplit wood. (Is unsplit a word?)...

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  • No-Worries 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    We're confident that when you execute your banzai, you're going to be successful at increasing your book reviews. And I know that when you join our community of banzaiers, you're not going to want to leave. But we want you to have peace of mind. So we're providing a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions. No worries. You can't lose!

Where does "banzai" come from?

The word banzai comes from Japan and means "for the next 10,000 years." That's the kind of outlook you should have when planning your book launch.

Are Amazon reviews really that important?

Only if you're concerned about the last piece of social proof readers will see before they decide whether or not to click the "Buy now with 1-Click" button on Amazon, or whether or not to tell their friends, or whether or not to forget they ever came across it.

I've already read the ebook. Why should I invest in the e-course?

The ebook tells you exactly how to execute the Book Review Banzai technique. The e-course shows you how to do it all, screen-by-screen, click-by-click. Plus it's loaded with bonuses and access to resources that will make your banzai as easy and effective as possible.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 30-day no-worries money back guarantee. No questions asked. That's because we know you'll love it!

What's the time commitment?

You'll get out of it what you put into it. Book Review Banzai is not a quick fix. It's for authors who are serious about being extremely intentional with their book review campaign. It's work. But it's work that works. (Does that work?)

Is this going to ask me to violate any of Amazon's policies?

No. Book Review Banzai encourages authors to respect Amazon's (and every website's) Terms of Service.

Where did you get your amazing sense of humor?

I don't know. Maybe Wal-Mart. (I might still have the receipt...)