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The Moment We Knew

We weren’t sure how to feel driving to the hospital for the ultrasound. So many things could happen. The results from genetic testing came back weeks prior, so we had an idea what to expect. But you can never be sure. I met Karry and the boys in the hospital parking lot. My three-year-old made a […]

Book Review: The Art of Work

the art of work jeff goins

The Art of Work is the latest release from author Jeff Goins. Jeff is no stranger to the writing scene. A successful author, blogger, and model of the new portfolio lifestyle, he has successfully branded himself as the guy who can help you be who you are supposed to be. And he’s done it again.

New E-book Release: Far Better Men

far better men

I am excited to inform you of the release of my new e-book Far Better Men. Men today are struggling.  We want to be better men, but it’s not always easy. How do we become the men we are supposed to be? I answer this question with help from legendary Marine Corps Commandant and Major General General […]

How a Soundtrack Can Help You Discover Truth

Writers often use soundtracks for inspiration. Step number two of best-selling author Michael Hyatt’s article “7 Steps to Getting Unstuck and Becoming More Productive” is to put on some inspiring music. I have a playlist loaded with soundtracks which create different moods for writing. Soundtracks like Hanz Zimmer’s Inception have massive themes creating a sense […]

Trick-or-Treat: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

should Christians celebrate halloween

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?  What do kids really fear on Halloween night? Razor blades in the lollipops, right? What frightens adults more than that? People who don’t celebrate Halloween That’s what you might think when you tell someone you don’t celebrate Halloween. It’s understandable. I grew up trick-or-treating.  But for now, I choose not to […]

A Father’s Legacy: Memories From a Thankful Son

My father stood on two hands. I cried.  He didn’t know it, but I was crying.  I was eight. He was performing one of his trademark hand stands near a rock ledge in the Sierra Nevadas.  My father was a gymnast.  My father was a Marine. My father is my hero. My father taught me […]

War of the Words: Making Sense of the News

There is a heavy cloud of smoke on the battlefield.  The War of the Words between worldwide leaders in news has made it hard to form a fair and balanced opinion about current issues. In the battle of ideas, words are the weapons of choice. (Click here to Tweet that!) Some writers are unapologetic about their selection […]