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“A very powerful and focused summary. Thanks Jason!”   -John


“Your blog and website are remarkable resources for the spiritually deprived. I signed up for your newsletter and to follow your blog. When God speaks, I listen.”   -Jane


“Beautiful and poignant! Thank you so much for sharing!”   -M.E.


“Jason, another fine post. I particularly appreciate how you use Scripture to make your points. There’s obviously a lot of study behind your writing. Thanks!”   -John


“Spot on, Jason! God bless you for this honest post.”   -Sherrey M.


“This is excellent. So simple, and something I think that most of us know yet somehow fail to implement. (I have found myself in the hole many a time!) You have worded it succinctly and keep it focused on the main thing–relationship. Very well done, Jason!”   -Rebecca


“Enjoying your site and insight.”   -Dan


“Truly a very heartfelt and touching poem, and an accurate depiction of family life “While He’s Away.” I cried! Thanks so much for sharing this!”   -Becky


“If I could sign “Well said!” I would. Your thoughts on this matter are right on, in my opinion”.    -Jane


“Provocative!”   -Sam


“Many thanks for that article Jason and also for listing my blog in the further reading section. God bless you!”    -Laura Maxwell, co-author of Dancing With The Devil


“Jason, after reading this piece, I shared the following message with my Facebook friends. I meant every word of it and much, much more. . . .Chills ran down my spine as I read it. It is one of the most beautiful, honorable, inspiring, (and every adjective one can use to describe brilliant writing and a brilliant, giving person) pieces of writing that I’ve EVER read. Please, take a few minutes to read it: ‘While He’s Away: A Poem About Being Gone.'”   -Rob


“This post is very well done. Continue to shine the light with your ministry.”   -Dave M.


“Wow. This is extremely well written. Thank you for stopping by my blog so I could read your beautiful words.”   -Joan


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