Jason B. Ladd

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Reviews for One of the Few


Thoughts in Progress

Sally’s Book Reviews

“It brought tears to my eyes and peace to my heart…”


“…a studious look at why your worldview matters…”

Christian Bookaholic

“You will be strengthened and encouraged.”

Christian Cognition

“…solid, biblical, gospel-centered theology…”

J Bronder Book Reviews

“If you are looking for a great story…you need to read this book.”

Operation Actually Read Bible

“..a beneficial read.”

Labor of Love Reviews

“…an incredible reading experience. Phenomenal!”

Serve Him in the Waiting

“There are way too many ‘Christian’ books out there that do not glorify the Lord. This is one that truly does.”

Comfy Reading

“This book lifted my spirits.”

Forwards and Bookwords

” I was very pleasantly surprised.”

The Mind of a Book Nerd

“…it definitely helped me look at the world in a different and better way.”

Educating a Teacher and Coach

“…there are lessons to be learned from Ladd’s book for both non-believers and believers alike.”

I Read. I Write. I Create

“A great read.”

A Soul on a Journey

“…insightful, thoughtful, studious and enlightening…”

My Train of Thoughts

“Thought provoking.”

Wintery Knight


Project Pastor

Kathy Harris Books



Commotion In the Pews


“The book is really fantastic and responded to many dilemmas that gripped me for some time…”

PS Annie

“…you are in for a treat.”

Cheryl Holloway’s Blog

“He speaks and writes from the spirit of a man reborn.”

Life, Love, & Truth

“I recommend this book for all pastors.”


“…a great read for those that are searching for answers…”

DogFur and Dandelions

“…helpful and thought-provoking…”

Spiritual Woman

“Ladd offers a reasoned look at faith.”

Reviews and Appreciations

“…encouraging to read it as a Christian, and thought-provoking as a seeking person who wants to learn more about God.”

Reading, Writing, and Pondering

“…a book worth reading…”

Sort and Polish

“…disarmingly genuine and personal while achieving a rare universality that makes this book widely readable ( and highly recommendable).”

Alive In Spirit

“Mr Ladd has a talent for story-telling and conveying meaningful insight.”

The Bandwagon: Ask the Author


Inspired Books Guide

“…a good tool to explore Christianity.”

Hope In Christ Ministries, Inc.

“…should be read by believers, skeptics, and unbelievers alike.”

The Artsy Cajun

“This book touched my heart.”

(Former Christian and current Wiccan)

“It’s actually pretty damn good.”


“…full of comparative insights about searching for the truth of Christianity…”

Blessings of a Stay-at-home-Mom

“…would certainly recommend…would be great for a book club discussion group…”

Luxury Reading

“It takes an incredibly good book to pull me into a non-fiction story. Such was the case with One of the Few.”

Ambassador in Exile

“I’m usually not a big fan of autobiographies…[but] Jason has done a great job of humbly recounting his faith journey.”

Tennessee  Christian Reader

“It is a great book, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

The Book Worm

“…not a book I would naturally pick at the bookstore….I would have missed a lot.”

There’s No Place Like Home

“…There was more than one moment that I was on the verge of tears…”

Living Outside the Stacks

“…a great witnessing tool for folks who have a hard time grasping the concept of faith.”

Desiring Something Greater

“…a book that will perhaps challenge you to get off the fence and choose where you stand.”

Christian Thought Sandbox

“…a special kind of book. I would be hard pressed to think of another autobiography/witnessing tool like Jason Ladd’s.”

Wholesome Reads

“Ladd thoroughly and intelligently gives his reader practical help to develop a truly Christian worldview.”

Rene Sloan

“…a page turner, and you won’t regret a single second you spend reading this jewel!”

Susan’s Blog

“Not only will your faith be encouraged, but you may come away bettered equipped to answer questions others may have about Christ and Christianity.”

3 by 3 Meters

“…reading the book up till the end, left me in awe.”

Real Women Ministries

“…this is not just a book about military life…”