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One of the Few Update

one of the few

As the launch date for One of the Few approaches (November 10), I wanted to give you all an update on what’s been happening in the last few months. I’ve decided to make the e-book version of One of the Few free for the first three days of the launch. I’m encouraging people to join my book […]

Book Review: The Art of Work

the art of work jeff goins

The Art of Work is the latest release from author Jeff Goins. Jeff is no stranger to the writing scene. A successful author, blogger, and model of the new portfolio lifestyle, he has successfully branded himself as the guy who can help you be who you are supposed to be. And he’s done it again.

Broad is the Path (Excerpt from One of the Few)

broad is the path one of the few

An excerpt from One of the Few. Click here to receive updates on the release in November 2015! If you can manage not to get blown off the ship while navigating the crowded and dangerous flight deck while trying to find your jet, you’ve won half the battle. The landing pattern is different at night and allows for […]

Pre-Orders Open for My New Book One of the Few


(Update: we met our crowd-funding goal, and pre-orders are now closed for the time being. Sign up to be notified when it’s released and download a free excerpt by signing up at www.oneofthefewbook.com) I’m excited to let you know that I am now accepting pre-orders for my new book One of the Few: A Marine Fighter […]

You Really Believe That?

you really believe that

Below is an excerpt from a book I’m working on about my struggle with doubt during the search for truth and a reasonable defense of the Christian faith. One single question changed the course of my life, and all for the better.  “What do you think happens when we die?” Karry asked. It was 10 years since our […]

New E-book Release: Far Better Men

far better men

I am excited to inform you of the release of my new e-book Far Better Men. Men today are struggling.  We want to be better men, but it’s not always easy. How do we become the men we are supposed to be? I answer this question with help from legendary Marine Corps Commandant and Major General General […]

I Forgot to Remember: Don’t Blog in Church

We remember the things that surprise us, and God reaches us in mysterious ways. Today’s message at Trinity Church from Pastor Jeff Gangel was from 2 Samuel 7 and illustrated how it was not for King David to build a temple to the Lord. That honor would fall to his son, Solomon.

While He’s Away: A Poem About Being Gone

while he's away deployment

– While I’m away The mission’s first We’ll put our best against their worst But victory will fail to quench my thirst While I’m away  – While I’m away The silence settles in The mood is calm, the air is thin My kingdom for one morn’ of childrens’ din While I’m away  – While I’m […]

Keurig: Brewing Up More Than the Perfect Cup

Keurig. If you know what I’m talking about, you’re already a true believer. But there’s something about a Keurig you probably don’t know, and I feel obligated to share my revelation. Let me clarify for the uninitiated. Keurig is a brand of coffee maker optimized for quickly brewing single cups of hot or cold beverages. […]

Arrows: Don’t Lead Home Without Them

You can’t lead without arrows.  We can’t do much of anything without arrows.  Arrows symbolize direction. Without direction, we will be like “mists driven by a storm.”¹ (Click here to Tweet that!) You can’t fly a jet without arrows.  Pilots conduct extensive briefs before every flight using arrows to represent exactly how to gain an […]