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3 Effective Antidotes To The Decline of Freedom

3 antidotes to decline in freedom

A wave of recent events thrust the idea of freedom into the forefront of a cultural debate on human rights. Often galvanized by controversies surrounding life and death–of children and lions–freedom is pursued as passionately as it is defended. And what can we do about it? Georgia Tech recently hosted an open forum with Dr. Ravi […]

Keeping Your Honor Clean

honor clean

First to fight for rights and freedom / And to keep our honor clean… These two phrases precede the final line of one of America’s most cherished anthems: the Marine Corps Hymn. Marines have earned their title, and they are proud to claim it. Winning Our Nation’s Battles Young men and women in the prime […]

Lying, Withholding Information; What’s the Difference?

withholding information same as lying

“You withheld information; that’s the same as lying!” This forceful accusation was delivered by Julia Roberts’ character to another in the 1990 American thriller Flatliners. There has been a rash of cultural issues arising from the withholding of information. Is it true?  Is withholding information the same as lying?  First let’s look at acts of commission […]