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Splashing Myths (Excerpt from One of the Few)

missile shoot splashing myths

An excerpt from One of the Few.  I was running out of missiles and we already lost one fighter. We managed to hold back the first wave of enemy aircraft, but air intercept control (AIC) was already calling out more groups. There was no time to mourn for Dash-4; he made a tactical error and paid […]

Book Review of Undone: A Story of Making Peace With an Unexpected Life

undone story of making peace with an unexpected life michele cushatt

God will never give you more than you can handle. That’s one of the most frequently misquoted lines of Scripture. It’s not in the Bible, and it’s not true. In fact, God frequently gives us more than we can handle. Sometimes it’s the only way to get his messages across: You’re doing it wrong You cannot […]

What Happens in Bangkok (Excerpt from One of the Few)

what happens in bangkok one of the few

An excerpt from One of the Few. Available now on Amazon. It was Friday night in Bangkok, and we were ready to cut loose after an intense week of flying exercises with the Royal Thai Air Force. Unfamiliar smells came in waves as we maneuvered the crowded street to find the next meeting place. I passed by […]

Prosopagnosia: When You Cannot See the Face of God

Prosopagnosia is the inability to recognize faces. Can you imagine a life where you can recognize everything but the people you love most? Imagine not recognizing your parents, your spouse, or your children. Imagine being baffled by your own reflection. Your life would revolve around a new question: “Who is that? For some, prosopagnosia is […]

Why You Should Say No to Spiritual Pornography

Easy access. New material every week. Guaranteed to satisfy. If you think I’m talking about pornography, you’re right. But not the kind you might think. While it’s true that Internet pornography has enslaved parents and children alike, there’s something else that might have you hooked. “You are a slave to whatever controls you” ( 2 […]

Awakening: Open Your Eyes and Become Alive

Some mornings it’s hard to wake up.  The room is cold; the covers are warm and soft.  It’s dark, and it’s early.  It just doesn’t make sense to get out of bed. Becoming Awake But you don’t have a choice; you have to go to work, so you hit the snooze and close your eyes. […]

Why Jesus? (Part 2) Ravi Zacharias Gives Answers

This is Part-2 of a glimpse of author and Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias’ explanation of Christianity and critique of the New Spirituality in his book Why Jesus? Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality. Hypocrisy Dr. Zacharias comments on the hypocrisy of many new spiritualists: “It is interesting, don’t you think, that a […]

Why Jesus? (Part 1) Ravi Zacharias Gives Answers

Author and Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias provides a lucid explanation of Christianity and a critique of the New Spirituality in his book Why Jesus? Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality. This book is densely packed with truisms that will have you nodding in agreement.  His ability to read the cultural landscape leads […]

Accidental Pluralist: Counterinsurgency and Unintended Consequences

After reading about an idea called “the accidental guerrilla syndrome” while studying about counterinsurgencies, I realized similar conditions might be contributing to the relentless wave of secular philosophy. The concept made me think about why pluralism, moral relativism, and secularism have become so popular in the last 50 years. (ARTICLE: “Defending Christianity in a Secular […]

Cultural Captives: Beliefs, Behavior, and the Future of America

Establishing a coherent and sufficient worldview leads to many questions about life, the world, and yourself. When Jesus spoke with the woman at the well in Samaria, she went back and told the townspeople, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did.” After reading Stephen Cable’s book Cultural Captives: The Beliefs and Behavior […]