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3 Radical Practices of a Christian Apologist

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What happened to philosophy? Have all the thoughts been thunk? I guess we’re tired Of truth now mired In apathetic funk I ask these questions from time to time, but I ask them more frequently after hearing men like Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Rightfully touted as the world’s most renown living Christian apologist, his recent visit to […]

Veterans Day Viral Video Analogy: The Stylist and the Savior

Watch this video. Then imagine what can happen on the inside when we find our home in Christ. (Click here to Tweet that!)

Futility Recipe: Unbeatable Answers to Unasked Questions

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Have you ever preached the Gospel on deaf ears?  Are you frustrated by polite listeners who tuned you out after the word “Jesus?”  Do you want to know how you can be better prepared the next time you share your faith? This post will look at two futile scenarios: Sharing the Gospel with someone without […]

Caution: I Have a Sword and I Don’t Know How to Use It

The pen is mightier than the sword.  Unless that sword is the Word of God.  When used properly, God’s word is the most powerful force on earth. But when used recklessly, it can deafen listeners to the ultimate message of God’s love. Disclaimer: I have fallen into all the pitfalls described in this post.  If […]