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3 Crucial Realizations for Becoming a Better Parent

Every good parent wants to become better. After quickly learning life isn’t just about you anymore, every decision takes on a new dimension. You no longer ask what is best, but what is best for your children. And you try to make the right decisions, but things don’t always work out how you envisioned. Here […]

Fighter Pilots and the Fundamentals of Basic Homeschool Maneuvering

fighter pilot basic homeschool maneuvering

As a fighter pilot and father of five, I’ve had the privilege to watch my wife enlist into service as a homeschooling mom. I quickly learned that she would be engaged in combat far more than I ever would be as a fighter pilot. Every mom and dad brave enough to follow the calling of […]

Author’s Update For One of the Few

early notification one of the few

Hello everyone. I just wanted to give you an update on the status of my upcoming book One of the Few. I also wanted to ask you to sign up for my early notification list. I’ll talk more about why you might want to do that below.

Book Review of Undone: A Story of Making Peace With an Unexpected Life

undone story of making peace with an unexpected life michele cushatt

God will never give you more than you can handle. That’s one of the most frequently misquoted lines of Scripture. It’s not in the Bible, and it’s not true. In fact, God frequently gives us more than we can handle. Sometimes it’s the only way to get his messages across: You’re doing it wrong You cannot […]

Jesus Like the Marines

Jesus like the Marines

“Oh, God…” It’s what recruits say after their first step off the bus and onto the yellow footprints. It’s what the team says when they hear the codeword and the mission is a “go.” It’s the opening of a prayer and the beginning of praise. It’s a formal address to those who believe in a […]

VBS and VEO: Which One Threatens the Fate of America?

I never thought I would place Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Violent Extremist Organization (VEO) in the same sentence. Christians have lived peacefully in the military for hundreds of years. So what’s up with all the hooplah? Why do Christians suddenly have to prove they are not a violent terrorists because they follow Jesus? Oops […]

Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks For All Who Serve

This Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for.  As a member of the armed forces, I often receive thanks from strangers.  I am grateful for the encouragement, but I wonder: What about all the others who serve? Nurses Homeschoolers Teachers Mothers Fathers Adoptive Parents Church servants Social Workers Law Enforcement Firefighters Public Servants […]