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3 Crucial Realizations for Becoming a Better Parent

Every good parent wants to become better. After quickly learning life isn’t just about you anymore, every decision takes on a new dimension. You no longer ask what is best, but what is best for your children. And you try to make the right decisions, but things don’t always work out how you envisioned. Here […]

Fighter Pilots and the Fundamentals of Basic Homeschool Maneuvering

fighter pilot basic homeschool maneuvering

As a fighter pilot and father of five, I’ve had the privilege to watch my wife enlist into service as a homeschooling mom. I quickly learned that she would be engaged in combat far more than I ever would be as a fighter pilot. Every mom and dad brave enough to follow the calling of […]

The Problem of Pain and a Mission to Walmart

problem of pain walmart

The problem of pain can be a persuasive critique of theism. While we can discover sufficient answers from several disciplines including philosophy and theology, suffering in the world continues to make us ask, “What do we do with pain?” My toddler must have been thinking these thoughts recently. He would not have called it the […]

Now, Say You’re Sorry and Give Them a Hug

“Now go say you’re sorry and give them a hug.” If you grew up with a sibling, you most likely heard this phrase at some point during your childhood. If you have children, you may have demanded this of them shortly before recognizing you sound just like your parents. I know I have. But is […]

Safety First: Shove Something in That Kid’s Mouth

It’s that time of year.  It’s time for all the stories about perilous playthings and toxic toys.  Remember: Safety First! The news is too negative.  Let’s do something different. Let’s take a more positive approach and encourage each other to find things we can safely shove into our kids’ mouths this Christmas Season. We’ll start […]

While He’s Away: A Poem About Being Gone

while he's away deployment

– While I’m away The mission’s first We’ll put our best against their worst But victory will fail to quench my thirst While I’m away  – While I’m away The silence settles in The mood is calm, the air is thin My kingdom for one morn’ of childrens’ din While I’m away  – While I’m […]

Relativism: How to Ruin Bedtime and the Meaning of Life

Children learn about relativism from an early age.  It begins when they look at their life compared to another’s–a sibling, a parent, a friend.  I’ll use bedtime to illustrate. Parents go to great lengths to create routines that work.  Bedtime can be a particularly difficult problem to solve with young children.  One late night and a […]

Stop and Play: Appease Your Toddler and Stay Sane

“Dad, you wanna play?” “Uh, not right now.  Maybe later, after dinner,” I respond. “Okay,” he says. My toddler walks away, but he’ll be back soon.  Really soon. That’s when I go about what I was doing, or trying to do.  I think about my boy. He wants to play, but I have some things […]