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Guest Post on Nothing Any Good

Big thanks to Dan Buri for posting this guest article on IndieListers (7 Valuable Insights from Promo Debriefs Using IndieListers). Dan is an author and supporter of the indie community. He writes at NothingAnyGood.com and has a collection of short fiction Pieces Like Pottery. Thanks again, Dan!

Game of War and War as Game

Game of War

“Do you wanna come and play?” asks Kate Upton to promote Game of War in one of the most talked-about Super Bowl ads this year. She’s sporting the garb of Game of Thrones, but this is no HBO series. It’s not a movie either. It’s a video game. Upton’s enlistment brings glamour to the otherwise […]

I Forgot to Remember: Don’t Blog in Church

We remember the things that surprise us, and God reaches us in mysterious ways. Today’s message at Trinity Church from Pastor Jeff Gangel was from 2 Samuel 7 and illustrated how it was not for King David to build a temple to the Lord. That honor would fall to his son, Solomon.

A.A.W.O.L.: Another Another Way of Life

Are you looking for another way of life?  Soon after entering the world of blogging, I noticed a common acronym appearing on blogs: A.W.O.L. The blogs had different looks, different themes, and focused on a variety of topics.  But somewhere on each website were links, banners, or graphics with the ubiquitous letters: A.W.O.L. It’s intriguing. […]