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Book Launch Day for One of the Few!

one of the few

Update: One of the Few is now a #1 Best Seller on Amazon in Kindle Christian Living (free), Inspirational (free), Theology (free), and Apologetics (free)!  Let me just cut to the chase. Today is Launch Day for One of the Few! Get it double-free. FREE Kindle download November 10-12 FREE audiobook for FIGHTER FAITH (blog) […]

3 Effective Antidotes To The Decline of Freedom

3 antidotes to decline in freedom

A wave of recent events thrust the idea of freedom into the forefront of a cultural debate on human rights. Often galvanized by controversies surrounding life and death–of children and lions–freedom is pursued as passionately as it is defended. And what can we do about it? Georgia Tech recently hosted an open forum with Dr. Ravi […]

The Difficult Truth Series: People Don’t Change

people don't change peter an caiaphas

“People don’t change.” I hear that every so often, usually after someone’s feelings have been hurt. Sometimes I lean toward disagreement. “No,” I will say “people can change.” And off we go.

A Response to Buddhist-Based Training in the Corps

buddhist based training

This is my response to recently proposed Buddhist-based training in the Corps. While Christ is being involuntary separated from the Marines, the Buddha is expanding his sphere of influence in the military’s latest pilot project to address rising numbers of suicides and cases of PTSD. If Christ is retired as the military’s longest ranking spiritual mentor, he […]

What’s This Religion Business? (Excerpt from One of the Few)

whats this religion business

An excerpt from One of the Few. Pre-order today, buy a book for the troops, and help me reach my funding goal by March 22nd! (Update: our pre-order funding goal was met! Stay tuned for the official launch in November!) During a trip to Florida, I took a detour through the town of Clearwater, the Mecca of Scientology. […]

Surviving the Chamber (Excerpt from One of the Few)

surviving the gas chamber

An excerpt from One of the Few. Pre-order today, buy a book for the troops, and help me reach my funding goal by March 22nd! (Update: our pre-order funding goal was met! Stay tuned for the official launch in November!) Although TBS is not a weeding out process, it still relies on the concept of training […]

Game of War and War as Game

Game of War

“Do you wanna come and play?” asks Kate Upton to promote Game of War in one of the most talked-about Super Bowl ads this year. She’s sporting the garb of Game of Thrones, but this is no HBO series. It’s not a movie either. It’s a video game. Upton’s enlistment brings glamour to the otherwise […]

Please Think Carefully Before Thanking Our Veterans

Thinking about thanking our veterans? Stop. Don’t be so hasty. Let me give you something to think about before you walk up to that service member. As a veteran, I know the satisfaction that comes when you take time to say, “Thank you for your service.” I understand your intention, and I appreciate the sentiment. […]


the gouge

MCAS MIRAMAR, CA — Fresh stubble sprouts on the face of Marine Major Pat “Brownout” Greyson. He rubs his oddly rough cheeks awaiting the results of a Congressional hearing on type confusion in the military. “You’re supposed to shave, even when on leave. But l don’t feel like shaving today.” Greyson has been battling depression […]

Things Which Cannot Be Unseen

cannot be unseen

Some things cannot be unseen. Some of the best advice you can receive about the internet is not to click. This is especially wise when faced with the lure of sensational videos surrounding tragic events. Warning! Graphic video We are curious beings, and it’s tempting to click and see. But some things cannot be unseen. […]