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3 Radical Practices of a Christian Apologist

christian apologist

What happened to philosophy? Have all the thoughts been thunk? I guess we’re tired Of truth now mired In apathetic funk I ask these questions from time to time, but I ask them more frequently after hearing men like Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Rightfully touted as the world’s most renown living Christian apologist, his recent visit to […]

Splashing Myths (Excerpt from One of the Few)

missile shoot splashing myths

An excerpt from One of the Few.  I was running out of missiles and we already lost one fighter. We managed to hold back the first wave of enemy aircraft, but air intercept control (AIC) was already calling out more groups. There was no time to mourn for Dash-4; he made a tactical error and paid […]

Blind Faith in a Popular Theory (Excerpt from One of the Few)

blind faith

An excerpt from One of the Few. Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins speaks of a dissatisfaction with atheism in the The Blind Watchmaker resulting from “inadequate explanations for the complexity of life prior to 1859 when Darwin’s Origin of Species was first published.” He states, “Although atheism might have been logically tenable before Darwin, Darwin made it […]

What’s This Religion Business? (Excerpt from One of the Few)

whats this religion business

An excerpt from One of the Few. Pre-order today, buy a book for the troops, and help me reach my funding goal by March 22nd! (Update: our pre-order funding goal was met! Stay tuned for the official launch in November!) During a trip to Florida, I took a detour through the town of Clearwater, the Mecca of Scientology. […]

Boyhood: What It Means In an Age of Mixed Messages


Richard Linklater’s Boyhood is one of the year’s most notable movies. Linklater attempts to capture the total experience of boyhood. and does it well. Boyhood was filmed with same actors over a period of 12 years, giving it an uncommon authenticity. This is an incredible time to present what it means to be a boy in an […]

You Really Believe That?

you really believe that

Below is an excerpt from a book I’m working on about my struggle with doubt during the search for truth and a reasonable defense of the Christian faith. One single question changed the course of my life, and all for the better.  “What do you think happens when we die?” Karry asked. It was 10 years since our […]

I Do Believe My Ears


“I don’t believe my ears.” We use this expression after hearing the unexpected.  The statement that sometimes follows is “I’ll have to see it to believe it.” But why should we give more weight to what we see than what we hear when deciding what to believe? It is easy take our vision for granted. Sight […]

The Power of a Father’s Faith

A father’s words are powerful. He doesn’t have to say much. What he says, or does not say, will have a mighty impact. The course of my life has been guided at times by just a few words from my father. What he says, and what he does, is watched more carefully than he knows. […]

Heroin, The Book of Job, and the Search for Something More

An Oscar-winning actor was found dead in a New York City apartment bathroom with a heroin needle still protruding from his body. Sources reveal that the actor foretold of his own possible demise a few weeks prior to being found unresponsive, leaving behind a wife and children. Some view life as an unbearable play and […]

VBS and VEO: Which One Threatens the Fate of America?

I never thought I would place Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Violent Extremist Organization (VEO) in the same sentence. Christians have lived peacefully in the military for hundreds of years. So what’s up with all the hooplah? Why do Christians suddenly have to prove they are not a violent terrorists because they follow Jesus? Oops […]