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One of the Few Update

one of the few

As the launch date for One of the Few approaches (November 10), I wanted to give you all an update on what’s been happening in the last few months. I’ve decided to make the e-book version of One of the Few free for the first three days of the launch. I’m encouraging people to join my book […]

Safety First: Shove Something in That Kid’s Mouth

It’s that time of year.  It’s time for all the stories about perilous playthings and toxic toys.  Remember: Safety First! The news is too negative.  Let’s do something different. Let’s take a more positive approach and encourage each other to find things we can safely shove into our kids’ mouths this Christmas Season. We’ll start […]

Outside the Box: Burgers, Babes, and Obesity

I was recently thinking about deception and empty promises.  In the process, I may have discovered the secret to losing weight and feeling great.  This post connects burgers, babes, and obesity.  How can we eliminate body image issues and burger benders?  Here is one outside-the-box solution: Advertising reform I made this amazing discovery while selecting […]

While He’s Away: A Poem About Being Gone

while he's away deployment

– While I’m away The mission’s first We’ll put our best against their worst But victory will fail to quench my thirst While I’m away  – While I’m away The silence settles in The mood is calm, the air is thin My kingdom for one morn’ of childrens’ din While I’m away  – While I’m […]

Understanding Compulsive Return Policy Utilization Syndrome

Every good leaders studies human behavior.  I’ve learned that some people use store return policies more than others.  Do you: make sure you fully understand a store’s return policy before you buy a product? buy things knowing there’s a good chance you’ll return them? feel as good returning products as when you bought them? I […]

The Dip: How are you Handling Your Biggest Challenge?

In his book The Dip, best selling author Seth Godin writes about one thing we don’t like to talk about: Quitting The Dip In The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick), Godin motivates us with a very different strategy than most coaches.  In fact, he preaches the opposite: Quitters do […]

A.A.W.O.L.: Another Another Way of Life

Are you looking for another way of life?  Soon after entering the world of blogging, I noticed a common acronym appearing on blogs: A.W.O.L. The blogs had different looks, different themes, and focused on a variety of topics.  But somewhere on each website were links, banners, or graphics with the ubiquitous letters: A.W.O.L. It’s intriguing. […]

There is a Time for Everything: Don’t Be Late!

“15 minutes early is on time.  On time is late.  Late is dead.” These were there words staring down at me from above the chalk board in my junior high school music classroom.  I’m pretty sure there was a skull and crossbones next to the world “dead.” I never thought it made sense–taken literally and […]

Choose Life: Defending Our Most Precious and Vulnerable Gifts

(To the tune of “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To” by Lesley Gore) Nobody knows where my boyfriend has gone My friends all left the same time Why were they scowling at me When they’re supposed to be kind?   It’s my body, and I’ll choose if I want to Choose if I […]

9/11: Remembering the Consequence of a Ruthless Worldview

Every American remembers where they were on 9/11 in 2001. On 9/11, an old religious worldview had a new effect on their lives. America was not pleased to meet radical Islamic terrorism.  On 9/11 I was sitting in my barracks room at The Basic School getting ready to begin the 6-months of training to become […]