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3 Radical Practices of a Christian Apologist

christian apologist

What happened to philosophy? Have all the thoughts been thunk? I guess we’re tired Of truth now mired In apathetic funk I ask these questions from time to time, but I ask them more frequently after hearing men like Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Rightfully touted as the world’s most renown living Christian apologist, his recent visit to […]

A Heart of Wisdom and White Sulphur Springs

heart of wisdom

The sun was setting behind Hezekiah Ridge, the peak of a small mountain on Victory Trail winding through Pennsylvania’s Allegheny country. I stood at the top looking down on the 1,000 acres of land surrounding the Heritage House at White Sulphur Springs thinking about a heart of wisdom. Porcupine Shale formations covered with green moss and […]

One of the Few Update

one of the few

As the launch date for One of the Few approaches (November 10), I wanted to give you all an update on what’s been happening in the last few months. I’ve decided to make the e-book version of One of the Few free for the first three days of the launch. I’m encouraging people to join my book […]

3 Effective Antidotes To The Decline of Freedom

3 antidotes to decline in freedom

A wave of recent events thrust the idea of freedom into the forefront of a cultural debate on human rights. Often galvanized by controversies surrounding life and death–of children and lions–freedom is pursued as passionately as it is defended. And what can we do about it? Georgia Tech recently hosted an open forum with Dr. Ravi […]

A Master Apologist Answers the Questioner

ravi zacharias master apologist answers questioner

The church sanctuary was standing room only—a standard condition when author and Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias comes to share the word of God. I reserved my ticket months ahead of time and got a sitter for the kids. My wife graciously allowed this long-deserved night together to be combined with “A Night with Dr. Ravi […]

Why Jesus? (Part 2) Ravi Zacharias Gives Answers

This is Part-2 of a glimpse of author and Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias’ explanation of Christianity and critique of the New Spirituality in his book Why Jesus? Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality. Hypocrisy Dr. Zacharias comments on the hypocrisy of many new spiritualists: “It is interesting, don’t you think, that a […]

Why Jesus? (Part 1) Ravi Zacharias Gives Answers

Author and Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias provides a lucid explanation of Christianity and a critique of the New Spirituality in his book Why Jesus? Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality. This book is densely packed with truisms that will have you nodding in agreement.  His ability to read the cultural landscape leads […]

9/11: Remembering the Consequence of a Ruthless Worldview

Every American remembers where they were on 9/11 in 2001. On 9/11, an old religious worldview had a new effect on their lives. America was not pleased to meet radical Islamic terrorism.  On 9/11 I was sitting in my barracks room at The Basic School getting ready to begin the 6-months of training to become […]

Drowning: Lifeguard Wanted, Will Pay with Belief

Many of us are drowning and do not see the need for a lifeguard.  Before I explain further, I’m going to reference a horrific event. It’s natural to be nauseated after hearing about the horrors uncovered by the Gosnell trial. You will not find the details of the trial here.  If you are interested, Google […]

In the Beginning was the Worldview

In the beginning was the worldview.  Writer and philosopher G.K. Chesterton said, “In truth, there are only two kinds of people; those who accept dogma and know it, and those who accept dogma and don’t know it.” Similarly: There are only people who have a worldview and know it, and those who have a worldview […]