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The Force Awakens, Hits Snooze and Sleeps In

the force awakens, star wars

Stars Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has taken over the world. And rightfully so. (Photo left: Lego Vader brandishing a light shaver, “I can’t believe I slept in again.”) I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I grew up on Star Wars. And I’m taking my family to see The Force Awakens on opening night […]

Troublemaker: The King of Queens Model on Rejecting a Worldview

troublemaker king of queens

I felt a bit like a troublemaker as I walked the creepy streets of Clearwater, Florida back in 2010. Ever since then, I’ve had a fascination with Scientology. Maybe it’s because I loved Top Gun as a kid. Maybe it’s because the name implies the study of science. Or maybe it’s because its creator—a science fiction writer […]

Strength in Sacrifice (Excerpt from One of the Few)

strength in sacrifice one of the few

An excerpt from One of the Few. Click here to receive updates on the release in November 2015! The Christian can boldly act in the face of death with an assurance not guaranteed by other worldviews: a promised inheritance of a perfect life hereafter. There is no compelling reason for me to leap from the parapets and charge the […]

Accidental Pluralist: Counterinsurgency and Unintended Consequences

After reading about an idea called “the accidental guerrilla syndrome” while studying about counterinsurgencies, I realized similar conditions might be contributing to the relentless wave of secular philosophy. The concept made me think about why pluralism, moral relativism, and secularism have become so popular in the last 50 years. (ARTICLE: “Defending Christianity in a Secular […]

Ratio Christi: Bringing Students Back to Life

If you’ve never heard of Ratio Christi, you will. I recently attended the Ratio Christi (RC) Symposium held at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC.  Ratio Christi is the “reason of Christ.”  The level of scholarship, caliber of speakers, and depth of substance covered over the two-day period was unmatched. Mission The mission of Ratio […]

A Glimpse of the Future: Paul Predicts Crazytown

Welcome to Crazytown!  I’m glad you’re all here. Before I show you around, I should let you know some things have changed.  Let me just go right down the list: Here in Crazytown, good is bad. Bad can be good. We now use the word truth and belief interchangeably (we get along much better that […]

Fighter Pilot: Fighting for Rights and Freedom

One fighter pilot is fighting to stay true to his faith.  Jonathan C. Dowty is an F-16 pilot and author of Christian Fighter Pilot is Not An Oxymoron and runs the website Christianfighterpilot.com. While his book focuses more on fighter pilot subculture, this post will address being a Christian fighter pilot in the broader cultural […]

Jesus (not) Christ: Preaching the Bad News in the News

  Have you heard the “good news“ of the Jesus of history? It goes like this: A man so loved the world that he railed against the powers that be, only to fail and end up with billions of followers over thousands of years living their lives in his name under false pretenses. Maybe that’s […]

Alcohol Abuse: Changing Attitudes to Change the World

“I don’t think this in an alcohol problem.” Those were the words of a leader to his men after they had been lectured about a rash of misconduct over a several month period.  A captive audience sat and listened to list of violations: Rape Drunk and Disorderly Theft Assault Sexual Assault The circumstances surrounding the […]

Relativism: How to Ruin Bedtime and the Meaning of Life

Children learn about relativism from an early age.  It begins when they look at their life compared to another’s–a sibling, a parent, a friend.  I’ll use bedtime to illustrate. Parents go to great lengths to create routines that work.  Bedtime can be a particularly difficult problem to solve with young children.  One late night and a […]