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Fighter Pilots and the Fundamentals of Basic Homeschool Maneuvering

fighter pilot basic homeschool maneuvering

As a fighter pilot and father of five, I’ve had the privilege to watch my wife enlist into service as a homeschooling mom. I quickly learned that she would be engaged in combat far more than I ever would be as a fighter pilot. Every mom and dad brave enough to follow the calling of […]

Farewell For Now to a Fighter

Farewell for now to a fighter His presence did grace Throughout every clime And in every place From a special design Was he breathed unto life Whose words mended the broken And cut like a knife He came not with treaties Nor flags to lay down But with double-edged sword Risen o’er his crown Mors […]

Love: An Amusing Illusion or God’s Greatest Gift

What is love?  Here are two possibilities: chemical reactions in your brain perceived as feelings of loyalty toward a single co-parent for the purpose of rearing a child together, at least until it’s weaned the ultimate good, a reflection of the image of God upon humanity Arguments often arise by using the same words to […]

Memorial Day: Honoring the Fallen; Reflecting on Evil

How do you explain the presence of evil in the world? Memorial Day marks the moment when we honor our nation’s fallen heroes.  Their bravery and sacrifice comes from a response to evil men and natural disasters.   Lately, the flag flies at half-mast more often for new tragedies than for old ones.  At least, […]