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Opportunity to Support a Missionary

UPDATE Nathan’s mission has been fully funded and he is currently in Albania. Thanks for all the support! Have you ever been at a point in your life where you felt called to shake everything up? Have you ever taken a massive leap of faith? Have you ever crossed oceans, sacrificing your own comforts for […]

Splashing Myths (Excerpt from One of the Few)

missile shoot splashing myths

An excerpt from One of the Few.  I was running out of missiles and we already lost one fighter. We managed to hold back the first wave of enemy aircraft, but air intercept control (AIC) was already calling out more groups. There was no time to mourn for Dash-4; he made a tactical error and paid […]

Blind Faith in a Popular Theory (Excerpt from One of the Few)

blind faith

An excerpt from One of the Few. Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins speaks of a dissatisfaction with atheism in the The Blind Watchmaker resulting from “inadequate explanations for the complexity of life prior to 1859 when Darwin’s Origin of Species was first published.” He states, “Although atheism might have been logically tenable before Darwin, Darwin made it […]

What’s This Religion Business? (Excerpt from One of the Few)

whats this religion business

An excerpt from One of the Few. Pre-order today, buy a book for the troops, and help me reach my funding goal by March 22nd! (Update: our pre-order funding goal was met! Stay tuned for the official launch in November!) During a trip to Florida, I took a detour through the town of Clearwater, the Mecca of Scientology. […]

Drones and Why We Love Them

Personal drones are arriving by the squadron, and we love them. You’ve seen the videos—a proud pilot with an exuberant smile looks into the camera before commanding his creation to take flight. The flying machine lifts off, camera pointed at its master, revealing a panoramic view. Cliffs, the ocean, a neighbors house; it all creeps […]

I REALLY Love Science, Too

So Awesome I Could Curse! I like science. I like it a lot. Seriously, I REALLY love science. But it doesn’t drive me to obscenities. That’s not the case for a new generation of media socialites. A website dedicated to the celebration of science has led to people I love to share something with me […]

Frontal Pole or the Moral Law, What Separates Right from Wrong?

The mystery of the conscience has fascinated thinkers for centuries. Our ability to determine right from wrong separates us from other animals. On the Christian worldview, morality is founded upon a standard of perfect goodness–God–from which deviations are measured. Christians recognize that without an absolute standard, good and bad are dissolved by the acid of […]

Inappropriate Affect: When a Smile Is Out of Place

The wisdom of King Solomon recorded over 2,000 years ago in the book of Ecclesiastes prevents inappropriate affect by reminding us that there is a time for everything: “A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to […]

Elegant Biology: New Perspectives For Your Information

Are you astounded by the complexity of biological information? Do you marvel at the magnificence of the human cell? Are you excited by scientific breakthroughs, watershed moments, and paradigm shifts? Get ready for a shift. I recently had the privilege to meet Dr. J.C. Sanford at the 2013 Ratio Christi Symposium at Southern Evangelical Seminary. […]

Project-X: Tommy The Chimpanzee’s Fight to Take Flight

Tommy the chimpanzee might be taking flight soon, but not by plane and abetted by Matthew Broderick (reference Project-X, 1987).  Tommy’s advocates are fighting for his right to flee captivity. “Lawsuit Filed Today on Behalf of Chimpanzee Seeking Legal Personhood.” That is the title of a recent story put out by the Nonhuman Rights Project. […]